Stageline N cabling

Hi all im new to naim and confussed with cabling. I recently brought a stageline N phonostage for my Linn LP12. I have the 5 pin din connected to a I supply for power. I want to connect the phono stage to rca inputs on my valve anplifier. So my question what reasonible price quailty cable do I need to get… thanks in adavance

Hi and welcome to this community and in the Naim world.
I have a Stageline N too and I have used a Chord Clearway din to rca cable to connect it to the line preamp. It’s a good cable with a high q/p ratio.
Flexible, sounding good and not expensive. Good match with Stageline.

If you had a Naim amp then I’d say that the Naim 4-5 Interconnect is ideal here - designed exactly for purpose. However, as you are using a Valve amp, which presumably uses a pre-amp with RCA Phono inputs, there’s also the Naim DIN4-RCA Phono interconnect to consider. Otherwise, Chord offers good cabling that tends to work well with Naim kit.

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Hi ive tried looking for this bit dont see this cable as a 4 pin din to rca

I dont mean to sound like an idoit but the issue is i cant see to find these on line no locking ring do u hv a website link to the one you mean.

I think you have to order It… I bought It from a local shop that made the order to Chord’s distributor. If you check their website it is mentioned.

No commercial links in the Hifi Corner.

If you ask a Naim or Chord Cable Co. Dealer they should be able to supply.

For more info about Naim interconnects, there’s the FAQ here;

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