Stageline N with NAC 72

Is it possible to connect the stageline N on a NAC 72 with an MC phono boards? Thank you very much.

I think that it’s possible, but what benefit would you expect to hear by moving the phono boards out of the preamp (control amp) and into a separate box?

In this monento I need an MM card and they are not found

Of course you can connect it, just use one of the line inputs. Don’t forget that you’ll need a power supply as well.

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Ok, thank you so much

Possible. But - IMO - makes little sense. Just put a set of 322 M boards in the 72.

Keep It Simple… :slightly_smiling_face:

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These are not easy to come by.

Really…? I just found a pair on eBay UK, on sale. Auction Listing, at £32-50 currently.

Also several other sets of Boards, both 3xx and 5xx, MM & MC.

Not So Hard…

In this monento I need an MM card and they are not found

Your certainly better served in UK.
In EU they are harder to come by, a few guys asked me if I would sell mine, but nope. :blush:

Usually available via ebay.

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As I said. Agreed. In the UK, though… Or from some Naim dealers - like maybe Tom Tom…?

But in your opinion is phono boards or stageline better?

Can Naim no longer supply new boards for older preamps such as the NAC72?

That would appear rather short-sighted, if so, as there must be so many still being used.

But what do you advise me to do? Naim NA 322/4 phono boards or stageline N?

Stageline N and power supply could cost the equivalent of £600-700 (used prices, in the UK, maybe a bit less if you used an original flatcap?) The boards would be way cheaper, and I’ve never heard there was a significant difference in sound quality between them. Maybe hold out to find a set of boards? How urgent is the requirement!?

I found a stageline N with double PIN connecter at € 290, 00

Sure, do you have a power supply for it?

Flatcap, HiCap or isupply (the latter Stageline with dual DIN sockets) will all power one, or an amp with a powered aux socket, which I don’t think the NAC72 has

I have a flatcap

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I have always used the Naim phono boards, since 1982.

I have never owned a Stageline.