Star Experience esp. with AV amp

Thinking hard of the Star to replace my Moon 240i which works as my stereo amp alongside an Anthem 720 for Home Theater duties.
So Three Questions

  • Does the Star work with Home Theater Bypass - I’ve seen that it does but not definitively. is it just simple once setup?
  • Also using a turntable - this room is not my msain Vinyl room, but I will use a Funk Firm Gett with Moon phono stage - will that be OK working with the Star?

And any other Star thoughts appreciated

Oh and if you can - I will need to use both analgue inputs, phono & DIN

Anyone using a phono/DIN cable for their phono stage? (I see the STageline has a DIN out out by I have a Moon phono stage)

I do. Cable by flashback sales.

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Thanks for looking - I just asked Naim themselves and got this answer - so hopefully solved

You’ll need to go from your AV units output into the Analogue 1 (RCA) input of the Star, then, in the App go into settings, input settings, analogue 1, then select AV bypass (fixed AV). You can then use your speakers through the Star. And control the volume by the AV unit.

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