Starter System for son

Likewise, with QAcoustics speakers, and a Raspberry Pi based streamer running wireless.

I got MuSos, used or ex demo, for my three kids as they got into their mid 20s. They all love their Naims!
Multi boxes and speakers are hard to shift between flats etc so I suggest a used MuSo or Qb. Easy.

Nah. If you’ve got the readies, spend them.

Life’s too short.

I gave my daughter my old Mu-so Mk 1 and she absolutely loves it. I have offered to upgrade her to separates but she refuses! Like many younger folks she wants something that makes a decent sound but is very convenient.

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Respectfully disagree with some. I’ve got various Naim amps/preamps spare, Linn kans Saras etc but the kids want single box so go MuSo!


I gave my son a used NAD amp and CD player + some Dali speakers and even offered he could have my previous 200/202 set when moving into his own place, but ultimately he preferred a set of active speakers that connect via optical to his TV and over which he streams his music via Bluetooth from his phone. Not an audiophile solution but actually sounds surprisingly good - and if you’re from the “streaming generation” I can see why the convenience wins.

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Our daughter went out and bought a Rega P1 to plug into her Samsung soundbar. As she got confused between the normal and “plus” version, I then got involved to loan a phono stage.

A few weeks later comments were being made that it sounded indistinct and muffled (compared to the LP12/Naim/ATC system…)

Christmas was looming so I picked up a Rotel 820BX amplifier for a good price and some little Wharfedale diamond speakers were purchased. Big smiles on unwrapping.

A few months later and my old Philips CD610 has migrated from the study into her bedroom.

From skimming this thread it seems that girls will be the audiophiles of the future!


I have two sons and two daughters. The youngest (now 25) had my old Technics system and still has it with a newer Project TT added. The others have jbl BT speakers and their phones.
I think I know who to leave my Naim kit to when the time comes.

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As a Bluesound Node + 42/110 owner I think that’s a great suggestion.

You get a nice streaming app with remote control and they look and sound great together. A Nait would simplify things even more and would match the Bluesound nicely in either CB or Olive form imo


Next door but one neighbour has a significant amount of hi-fi pass through their home and had the same question as the OP here. Like others here they thought the Rega starter system was an excellent idea but like many here they also misunderstood the market i.e. their child. He bought the Rega system for bis daughter and has watched it largely sit unused given her actual preference for a refurbed iPhone 13; a portable DAC and a very decent set of headphones for the same cost as the Rega. Both my neighbour and I have no interest in headphone systems. Both of us have conceded that it blows the Rega away in terms of sound quality, VFM and sheer versatility.

I once went to a Manchester show where after room after room of very expensive kit sounding not even average we fell upon a room where it took all of 10 seconds after opening the door to go “Oh, music…”. We spent 15 minutes listening to… a Rega RP3. By far and away the most enjoyable room at the show. One would never know this from reading reviews of said show but equally what sounded good to me and the ex neighbour with whom I frequent shows held zero interest to his then 16 year old son.

During a long lunch we discussed whether the 16 year old heard what we did. He absolutely did. Equally though, he understood that he was unlikely to be living in spaces where separates were helpful/practical any time soon and he also noted that he’d be 21 or older before he could afford vinyl in the quantities he currently streamed. None of this gets discussed when talking about what we want for our children. He’s now 25; has his fathers appreciation of good kit and owns a streamer; valve amp and some lovely horns.

I wanted my now 16 year old to have separates. In particular I’d have happily set him up with my Epos ES11s, the Pioneer A400 and a source of his choice. He wanted music on his phone and access to same when he got home. I sold my spare kit and I’m glad I did. His Muso QB takes up negligible space; gives him volume and quality and allows him access to a shared family Tidal and Qobuz account. On reflection I’m glad we gave him something which encouraged his love of music rather than a love of boxes.

Whilst I agree that the Rega system sounds surprisingly decent the brutal reality is that a discussion with the potential recipient is in order and, for the money, we live in a world where I would maintain it is fairly average compared to the other things you can buy for the same price.

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I had :slight_smile:

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