Stax and naim 82

I have a Naim Nait xs2 and stax L 700 and 006 energiser which works fine
Have been looking at going to 82/hicap /250
What connection do I use for line out into the energiser please I couldn’t see an av out (?)
Many Thanks for any advice

I’m not sure what an energiser is.

From memory the only out on the 82 is on the tape loop. I think it may have two that are input/output. I’m not sure if that’s what you need

Just use a suitable lead connected to the output pins of socket 4, 5 or 6.

Thats because there isn’t one… But there are sockets which have outputs on them…!

You’ll use one of the Tape loop outputs on the NAC82. You’ll need a custom DIN - RCA interconnect as a regular DIN5-RCA won’t work (you need the REC pins of the DIN connected instead of PLAY)

See the FAQ here;

Thanks everyone
I am currently using a flashback lead between the xs2 and energiser which works fine

Naim Style 5 Pin Ring -
Locking DIN Plug - 2 -
Phono/RCA Plugs Headphone -
Amp / Record Out Performance-
I assume this will work ok :grinning:

That will be fine.

If it’s working with the NAIT XS2 then it’ll be fine with the NAC82.

Great :grinning:

It’s the same cable that Dave from Fkashback (RIP) made for me that I used between an 82 (now replaced by a 52) and a Stax SRDX-Pro.

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