Steely Dan on Analogue Productions

I’ve asked Steve Hoffman for clarification. Be interesting to see if he comes back to me.

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S.H. tells me that these companies cannot officially export outside the U.K. but it is done “unofficially” at extra expense to the importer.

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Really looking forward to these pukka remasters from the the king of remasters Bernie Grundman ,the first one ‘Cant buy a thrill’ was one of the first albums i bought for my first ‘proper’ hi fi in '73.
The deluxe box sets look pricey and are limited editions too,so i’ll stick to the single albums

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Most of my original SD vinyl is in pretty poor condition or lost long time ago. I knew I still had some in the loft so dug them out, two probe releases and one MCA. There might be some tracks that will still play OK, might give them a good clean up and check them out.