Stockfisch speaker cables

I am a pilgrim with cables, having spent endless hours of testing and comparing pieces of equipment which often are subject of controversy among Hifi lovers. After switching from Viablue to Kondo (copper and silver), from there to Cardas, Inakustik and Nordost I came to the conclusion that speaker cables are less important than I thought over a long period of time. I decided to not longer pay so much attention to cables. Then - some weeks ago - I read a very positive review about the small cable company Stockfisch in Northeim/Germany. My curiosity was awakened again. Owner Günter Pauler also runs a minuscule music label which produces technically brilliant vinyl and cds, mostly in the singer/songwriter compartment with artists like Chris Jones, Sarah K and the likes. So I gave his highly praised speaker cables a try and asked Günter Pauler to send me a demo pair of the TTC PRO for a week.
The result was absolutely stunning. Oh boy, these cables are really good with an unmatched precision, three dimensional picture, really sparkling trebles and tight but full low register. They have a very natural character without trying to impose an own style to the listener. Full bodied, precise and airy at the same time. These cables definitely play in the most upper league and easily compete with well known cables which cost much much more. Quality/price ratio is probably unmatched in the cable business. Since Tuesday they are integrated into my system and I won‘t move them from there for a long while. The stubborn question which cable to choose is decided for me.


There’s nothing wrong with NACA5, as probably about 95% of users of this Forum will confirm. That stuff that you’re using looks gruesome!

Of course not. But I am not a Naim or nothing junkie. I never tried them. So this is a minority statement, no expert reply. I am sure they are top notch, as so many Naim products.

That Marten Parker speakers as well or only the cables behind which look gruesome?

Given the physical form of the cable (they look like Quad Star construction), I’d be concerned about their electrical properties and the potential effect this could have on a Naim amp.

Naim amps are designed to work with cables that have low(ish) capacitance and high(ish) inductance. Star quad cables are typically mid to high capacitance and low or very low inductance.

As I wrote in my initial post - I am not running a Naim amp, but the Gryphon Diablo 300. Those cables perfectly match with the Gryphon.


Sorry, my dyslexia got in the way.


I dare not ask for the retail price of these.

Cable interest…?
Well on/off for the last two-three decades, admittedly many years in between with no attention.

The worst cable with Naim in that period was definitely Nordost, horrible and expensive.
I liked most of the Chord Co. stuff apart from their early Signature, far too bright for my taste.
I thought I was happy with WH Phantom on my Naim amplication, that is until I tried Kudos KS1.
These cables cured me for a while.

I looked them up; €1,880 for a 3m pair.

Nice. They look quite unruly in the stock image yet look discreet and elegant in your setup.

I got them cheaper, only two meter length.

I need 5.5m , which they don’t sell.
Whatever, it looks like the price includes a fancy looking case which is a complete waste and the www. reads like the liberally smeared with buffalo chips thats shrouded in marketing smoke (holy herb) & mirrors … so not interested

No damage done. They are very good in their core business, believe me. Honestly, I don’t understand this hostile energy.

If they work for you, that’s great, and it’s good to try something different. My only slight concern would be choosing something so expensive after only two days listening. A lot of things sound good - or perhaps different which is interpreted as good - on first listening, yet in a few weeks or months they turn out not so good and you realise you are listening less. That’s happened to me with Chord speaker cables amongst other things. But what to do, you can hardly borrow a pair for three months.

But that is only true for older amps from
The olive and cb series. If I understood Steve Sells comment in the thread about nc correct.

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I had one week to check them, not two days. That was a sufficient time period for me to judge. Sometimes you plug something in and you know, that this piece fits into your system. That was my feeling with these cables. My intention was to try something new, unknown. Small company stuff. I had Nordost cables for a while. Not really bad, but expensive. Soundwise somehow harsh and edgy. But even more important: Even highly reputated companies on the Hifi market are producing in China nowadays. Günter Pauler builds in Europe, excellent products for a relatively modest price. But most importantly: The sound of these cables is really gorgeous.

I have yet to hear a 2M length loudspeaker cable - on Naim amps - that I liked, they really excel with long lengths, 5, 6, 8 or 10M pair of equal length.
Not an issue for OP as he use other amplication.

I was reading your post where you said that you integrated them into your system on Tuesday. As today is Thursday I thought that meant two days.

Sorry you got me again. Very attentive indeed. I had the test set from Stockfisch for one week. They were so good, that I decided to purchase a pair. That one came two days ago. Hope that makes more sense. Kind regards Michael

That makes absolute sense. Thanks so much for taking the time to explain.

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