Strange problem with my SN and Remote

@hififish I am having the exact same issue as you with my supernait. When I use the remote, both mute buttons light up and I get clicking in my speakers. Interestingly it started with every button on the Naim remote, now just seems to be volume control after a reset.

Did you ever resolve your issue? Almost like the motor in the volume control is causing something to happen.

Did you fully solve yours?

So cannot get to the bottom of this, tried everything. Called Naim support and they are getting back to me.

Seems if the IR receiver picks up any signal, even if it’s for TV etc it reacts, mutes, speakers click. Also taking a very Long time to turn on.

Hi Occean,

Apologies for the late reply, I was holding off responding as I had an inkling of what may be the problem here, but had never seen it manifest itself by firing remote commands - until today!
There is a known issue with the original Supernait where a capacitor in the brown-out detect circuit fails & causes the symptoms you describe. Previously, I had only seen a permanent fault state, but this customer’s unit was behaving exactly as yours is - fire a command, then mute state. Leave it a while, then ok until another IR command.
So I would recommend having the unit serviced, at Naim we replace the (electrolytic) capacitor with a tantalum one on every unit returned, whether serviced or not, for preventative maintenance.
The brown-out detect circuit monitors the incoming AC power for transient dropouts & strives to mute the audio output before any possible nastyness can shock a listener or worse, cause speaker damage.


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Thank you!

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