Streamer firmware 3.8.0

Just did the update to 3.8 on my nd5 xs2. All working well but does anyone have any idea what the airplay implementation update achieves? I will post if I can find anything different in the app.

Intrigued to work out if this improved the LG TV <-> HDMI ARC connection with Uniti Atom/Muso devices - looks like there’s no mention in the official thread but hoped for some considering many complaints in the forums.

We continue to work on improving HDMI performance and will add to releases when we have fully beta-tested fixes.

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My NDX2 which runs wireless did not update correctly Error Code 315. It started properly then the Naim app said it couldn’t find My Room. The screen on the device kept downloading and updting but then the Error Code showed up. Does the NDX2 have to be directly connected to the router for these updates? Not sure what to do now. Can I get some help?

I would advise unplugging your NDX2, leaving it for about 15 minutes and then reconnecting.

thanks I’ll give it a try.

Just reading the release notes and wondered what the updated Roon implementation meant (other than progress bar in fixes section) ?

FWIW I have an 2019 LG C9 and it is connected via HDMI ARC to my Star. I just updated the Star to the latest and can confirm that with that model LG it is working perfectly.

But then again, on all previous versions it also worked.


Also for @Richardw : the updates to Roon and AirPlay are just in line with recent updates from Roon and Apple respectively. Keeping our streamers up to date with the relevant specs from both.


Ah ok. Thanks Clare :+1:

didn’t work. my dealer is talking to naim now.

I did an update… carefully I say that this is a first impression… I have deeper bass and everything sound fuller… but I do not commit what will be my impression latter

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Updated my Uniti Star to 3.8 and noticed no graphic was displayed on Internet radio stations. After 5-mins or so the display appeared (Radio Paradise), but if I change to another station now it still shows nothing or sticks on the last station! I get the feeling the image updating has a bug. P.S. In settings I tried using the clear image cache option.

I would suggest a quick power cycle of your Uniti Star - simply unplug and leave for at least 15 minutes and then power back up. Let us know if it’s still an issue once you’ve done that.

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Definitely no deeper bass for me but the bright edge that was there on the previous firmware is now gone and the sound in general sounds more coherent and certainly superior in my opinion.


I have removed the power for 15-mins, but the issue still seems to remain. Either it takes ages for the station image to appear or if you change stations it sticks on the last image (or a blank screen) until the correct image appears. Once you have been to a station it sometimes switches images quickly, but this is not consistent.

OK, i’ll copy @Stevesky and @tomvamos in on this one for further investigation.

I’ve had my nd5xs2 for 4 months now and was pleased I got it to work without problems. So bit worried about software update. Will there be any drawback to just leaving it alone

Do you stream TIDAL? If so, you’ll need to update ahead of TIDAL changing their login procedure next week.

Remember, 99.9% of people update without any issues - and we work to sort the remaining .1% as a priority.


Clare, I use qobuz and apple airplay all via wi fi