Streaming blues

In the good old days there were a CD player, a amplifier and a pair of loudspeakers, there were plenty of new CDs on the shops to browse and buy some, live concerts, football too, and we were so happy, even if we don´t know how much.

In the the days we are confined at home, no live concerts, no live football, CD went for repair and is confined in a Brexit country, ethernet 500Mb link sometimes confines for a couple hours too, and when is alive there are Tidal and iRadio dropouts in my Hiqute2.

Albuns that I can listen without problems in the Windows Tidal App, starts playing and stop somehere. One day I meter time to dropout, 2 times a album stopped after 26 mn, 2 times other stopped after 16mn. A 3º album played till the end. Next days different stories, sometimes the stopping is completely random, I try till I say enough of this and resorted to playing my ripped CD from the NAS.
Now that I´m writing this the “Piano tribute to Billy Joel” by Attila Fias is playing wo problems a while ago, maybe the Hiqute2 knows I´m complaining and plays a trick on me.

Other story are albums that I mark as favourites on the TIDAL app and one day play on the Hiqute2, next day give a “Error Failed to get Tidal Album: 122618840”.

The Hiqute2 with the last software version 4.7.0 as a cable connection to the router, with a switch in the middle, but trying a direct cable connection, Hifi gives the same results.

The Windows App have a log functionality, you can record and send to Tidal to analyse. In the Hiqute2 I find no logs to help understand the situation.

Funny there were no dropouts before the last router change/upgrade to 500Mb, so I tried to have more and ended with less. But I cannot complain now with the IP provider as metered speed checks well. And these are not good times to complaint, anyway, the weather switched from cold to rain, everyone is in house confined and interneting like crazy.

So, I don´t know what to do, play internet chess maybe, no dropouts in that.
I miss the good old days.


Hi I’m no massive enthusiast for streaming but Tidal works without a glitch on my Qb. And BT Sport are streaming loads of soccer.



Same for me, I can’t say I ever have any streaming glitches since my progression from qute2,Nova,NDX and onto my NDX2.

Only on the Qute if trying to stream any 192 I may get the odd drop out due to the buffer in the Qute, but those days are long gone.

My problem with streaming as I discussed a while ago on another thread is how long a particular streamer will be supported. Will Tidal suddenly be reconfigured to make my Qb redundant but as I say at the moment it works perfectly.



Hard to imagine anything that Tidal could do that the new streaming platform couldn’t cope with. It’s a powerful little thing. Naim learned their lesson.

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I was late to the streaming party and haven’t bought a CD since signing up with Tidal. We’ve all got CDs we’ve bought on recommendation and played once, no more.


When I said live football, I meant live… I miss my Alvalade Stadium, home of my Sporting Clube de Portugal.
So, It´s a question of forgetting Hiqute2, NDX, NDS and going for a 2-generation streamer ?

So, basically you are saying that whatever streamer I buy to stream Tidal, one of these days I will reach the same state that I´m now ?

And I’m sure your stadium is missing the fans, as the clubs are over here in UK are. But my point is that the Virus being as terrible as it is football on the TV is a really good substitute.

At the moment the 1st generation streamers are working fine with Tidal, don’t know what might happen in the future.

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For a short time my 272 would play BBC radio streams for a few minutes then drop out. Tidal, other streams and the NAS were all fine.

In these situations a full logical network reboot is worth a try. Power down all network devices, then power up each device again starting from the router and allowing each device plenty of time to complete its full startup process before doing the next. That cleared whatever issue my 272 was encountering. Sometimes a power cycle is the best option.

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And @Louis_lx . I have and NDS on the old digital tech, and I never have any streaming or dropout issues, so I don’t think it’s an issue with the legacy kit.
The NDS is the most reliable part of my home Network. When I unplug it to fix a computer issue, it always just sets itself back up again it 2 minutes, but it never disconects itself.
I have a 1 gb mbps service, but Simon was saying that data speed and bandwidth don’t affect music.

At least you have some decent weather (Faro is about 17 degrees at the mo).

Sure, but there are things the older streamers simply cannot do, and cannot be made to do.

Thks David,
Strange thing, the dropouts started when I upgraded the service to 500Mb. I listen the same Tidal album in my laptop by Wifi wo dropouts. Maybe is a problem of Hiqute2, I don´t know.
Of course, I wouldn´t buy now a new streamer only to find the same problem sometime in the future.
I´m waiting for a tech guy that helps my dealer in these type of instalations, maybe he knows the answer.

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Hi Fredc
Yep, I have a house near the Spanish border, but i´m confined 350km away, ligth rain and smog here near Lisbon, “british weather” but 15ºC, I believe.

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Thks for the reply, I already did that a couple times wo results. Everything starts to work fine, I was hoping the troubles were past history, and then… another dropout. Frustating.

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Have you tried streaming to your unitiqute from your laptop? I assume these issues occur using either the tidal app or the Naim app.
Try setting up bubbleupnp and then using that instead.

Well of course, but the OP was specifically referring to connection issues and dropouts. I can easily cure the old digital tech issue by adding an ND5 XS2 which I will do when Qobuz becomes available in Canada.

Sure, but there was a little side-tracked discussion about streaming in general, and my reply, to which you then replied, had been specifically in response to Lindsay writing “My problem with streaming as I discussed a while ago on another thread is how long a particular streamer will be supported”

Nothing to do with the original topic, just pointing out that the new streamers should be much more resilient to changes on the service side than the 1st gen streamers were

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Best of luck with getting the drop out issue fixed @Louis_lx
I’ve read other posts on here where other members are having the same problem, with a mix of Naim products. It must be very frustrating because it seems difficult to pinpoint what is causing the problem. And that’s very strange that it started happening when you upgraded to a faster service.