Streaming music from Synology NAS DS220j on Mu-so Qb?


I cannot stream music from my Synology NAS DS220j on my Mu-so Qb. Both devices are on the same Synology mesh wi-fi. Any advise is much appreciated.

Very initially, when still configuring my NAS, I was able to both see and stream music, but it was slow and cumbersome. The catalogue was slow to navigate. Further, if I started streaming a song, and then clicked on another song on my Focal & Naim mobile app, my Mu-so Qb would become unresponsive and I had to switch it on and off to be able to use it again.

Subsequently, since enabling the NAS firewall I can no longer even see the NAS in my Focal & Naim mobile app.

My guess is that I need to open ports and enable protocols on the NAS (and perhaps in the Wi-Fi too) so that the Mu-so Qb can access the NAS. However, I have been unable to find instructions how to do this.

I’m not a techie, and recently created the mesh Wi-fi and bought the NAS as a project to upscale my IT skills. Any advice is much appreciated.

I think the first thing to do would be to disable the firewall, and check it’s then working. If it is, then investigate the performance issue first, before going back to the firewall issue.

(FYI google says UPnP uses UDP port 1900)

I’ve been having similar problems lately and did a search on the forum, found this posted by Kend and it worked by reducing the interval time to 10 seconds. Also found some of the installed apps needed updating along with a media controller patch.

I had a problem with my Gen 2 Muso (not the Qb but likely the same problem I guess?).

I have a Netgear Orbi mesh setup and a Synology 918+ for Plex etc. Muso stopped working after I installed the Orbi whereas my NDX2 and Nova were both fine still.

I had emailed Naim support and got a long explanation of the Mesh protocols (!) essentially say it won’t work. I solved in my case because I just moved the location of my Orbi in my kitchen so that I could run a short ethernet cable from the Muso to the Orbi satellite.

I have structured cabling, so actually run the Nova and NDX wired, but they are both fine unplugged and wireless on the Mesh network.

Interesting - do you have more detail as there arevmany using Mesh, although generally it seems to work better for streamers when connected directly to a mesh device

Here is the email from Naim, at which point I just hard wired it and stopped snagging. Seemed unaccetable to me, but since I’d solved it I gave up chasing.

"Thanks for your email and I hope you are well.

Unfortunately, the issue you are going to have with your network and the Netgear Orbi is that it is classed as a MESH network

Unlike a network that consists simply of a router and a number of WiFi extenders, where each extender ‘node’ reports directly back to the router, and vice versa, in a MESH setup, the nodes talk to each other and form a chain from your device, through a node, through another, and through however many it takes until the signal gets back to the router. This can sometimes have the effect on the information being sent that Chinese Whispers has on a message - the longer the chain, the more likely small parts of the information are to be lost or wrongly conveyed.

A normal computer or smartphone, tablet, etc. all have the processing capability to fill in these gaps - if someone removed the wheel of a car, you would still be able to tell that it was a car, and treat it as such. Devices like smart TVs and smart speakers like the Mu-so, QB, and other smart devices like the Uniti Range and our streamers, despite the moniker, aren’t all that smart in that regard - if they don’t receive the data exactly as they expect to, then issues can occur.

Furthermore, while your MESH network will appear on your smartphone/tablet as one, single network, each node is in fact its own network that both broadcasts to and receives from the others. What this does is creates multiple access points across your house, and sometimes the signals from/to the Naim devices can miss each other, kind of like two people going from one side of the supermarket to the other but going down neighbouring isles so that you never actually meet the other person.

My only real suggestion when doing a bit of research on the Netgear Orbi is that a wired connection will be more suitable for your Mu-so if this is possible.

I hope this information helps and if you need any more support from me, please don’t hesitate to contact me."

Same here more or less. Muso works fine wired into the Orbi satellite with that wireless. NDX2 and Nova worked fine wireless on their own, just not the Muso.

Thanks for posting that. From what I have seen on network issues on this forum, is that it is usually as a result of WiFi extenders and Powerlines, but rarely Mesh. Whilst the response from Naim may be correct, it does describe a scenario where there are multiple Mesh devices in a household. Unless you live in a palace, I suspect for most of us this doesn’t apply, and I bet most people have between 2-3 Mesh devices, in which case, the network traffic is more simplified, and probably more simplified than the number of hops it takes to reach streaming services such as Tidal and Spotify.

Hello everyone - First and foremost, a big THANK YOU to all of you for your prompt and helpful answers! I’ll experiment with the ideas you gave me, and this can take a week or two.

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