Streaming to Nac 72

If I were to stream Qobuz from my iPad how can I get it play through my 72 pre amp without spending a fortune.

Thanks in advance.

I can’t think of a cheaper way than a 3.5mm jack to 5 pin DIN lead. You may want to get a slightly higher quality example and - check that the DIN is correctly wired.

Of course, you may have other, unmentioned, requirements.


You need a streamer it depends what you want to spend streamers should say if they are compatible with qobuz.

An option I’ve heard good things about is the Innuos pulse mini it’s just over £1000.

If you want to go cheaper the bluesound node is quite popular (though many will suggest an external dac with it as an upgrade :joy:).

If you want a touch screen the fiio r7 seems to be getting interesting reviews

Personally I use qobuz with the cheapest of the naim streamers the nd5xs2 but that is £2499 new.

Also you may want to consider open box/second hand.

Edit: oh sorry didn’t realise you just wanted to physically connect your iPad to your preamp feel free to ignore all this :joy:

Newer iPads no longer have 3.5mm sockets.

Or airplay it to a nad cs1. £249 plus an rca to din interconnect if you don’t have one.


Get one of those cheapo Bluetooth receivers that has 2 RCA outputs. Then Bluetooth from ipad to it. What my daughter does with her ( mine really) 72/140.

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I didn’t suggest anything Bluetooth based because I assumed someone with qobuz would want lossless playback.


Hardly insuperable.


WiiM Pro Plus cheep streamer controlled from your iPad?

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I have two Naim NAC72/NAP140 systems, and have been streaming through them for around 7 years.

My secondary 72/140 has a £35 AirStream Pro from the river and is driven by the BubbleUPnP app which provides Qobuz (which I use)/Tidal/Spotify and others. This is no longer available but there are similar devices.
There is also a Yamaha streamer for less than £150, and Cambridge, Audiolab and Denon streamers new for £500. I originally had a Denon many years ago using BubbleUPnP which was excellent.

For my main NAC72/Nap140/HiCap2 system I have a pre-loved Linn Majik DS/1 which cost £585 and comes fitted with Linn Dynamik power supply. Linn update their equipment and software regularly and it supports Qobuz/Tidal/Spotify. It also supports the new and excellent Linn Airable Internet radio (introduced 18 months ago) including flac and flac hi-res radio.
Amazingly I can even update to the new Linn Utopik power module introduced in 2023 on a 12 year old device! Although this would cost twice the price I paid for my streamer and would be desirable on a Klimax DS but probably not viable on a Majik DS.

(Despite having prior Naim amplification I avoided the Naim early generation streamers which do not support Qobuz, have flac issues and also Internet radio flac and hi-res support issues. Naim have too may lock-outs and cul-de-sacs I am afraid).

All these options are connected via twin-RCA to Din cables for the NAC72.

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I didn’t know linn streamers were that well supported that is cool.


Personally, I would get a Chord Mojo 2 DAC and plug the ipad directly into it with an Apple cable. I would get a Chord DIN to minijack to connect the Mojo 2 to the 72. For ~400 GBP you’ll be in very good territory. The Mojo 2 is virtually as good as a Qutest.

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You can sometimes pick these up for a few quid which would allow you to send stereo audio to the device and use a 3.5mm to DIN out to the 72 (or optical cable to a DAC). You’d be limited to CD quality via Airplay.

Screenshot 2023-12-16 at 21.20.18

I picked one up for a fiver a few months ago from the local CEX store. Using it as a wi-fi extender (simple if you have other Airport devices).

It’s a real shame Google stopped making the Chromecast audio as that would have allowed hi-res chromecast from the Qobuz app (not gapless though).


Very good sound. I had the mojo 1 feeding the 72 / hi / 140 and sbls and good it was. I got a bit tired of keeping the mojo charged and switching it on all the times so I got an Atom he. Soundwise though it was very good.


Perhaps the replies I got to a somewhat similar question (via a streamer) may help:

I translated “not a fortune” into “budget” there, and since learned it is a subjective indicator.

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The short “dongles” pictured above sound universally atrocious (even Apple’s). I don’t know why. Bluetooth adapters sound far better. But I’m guessing a compatible quality D/A converter would suit your needs better still.

Yes Cool and brilliant.

Big thank you to everyone who has responded.
Lots to think about here with varying costs. I guess I was looking at doing this on the cheap by using the iPad and a connecting cable from the headphone socket directly into the 72 therefore using the internal DAC in the iPad.
Has anyone tried this and did it sound terrible?

I found that the sound quality of different iOS devices has varied a great deal over the years, some sounding decent enough considering the miniaturisation, others sounding awful. I wouldn’t describe any of them as HiFi, but it’s easy enough to try if you can get hold of the right cable.

At the other end of the scale, if you want something to match the quality of your system I would say an ND5XS2 would be the minimum. If this is just for background listening and you want a cheaper alternative, there are a huge number of streamers to choose from, so you’ll have to set a budget if you want recommendations.
At the lower end of the scale, a used Airport Express or Chromecast Audio is easy, but sound quality isn’t great using analogue output.

Another consideration if you use an iOS device is battery life. If yours has a separate headphone socket, you can charge it at the same time through the lightning socket. If not, you will need to attach a DAC to the lightning port, in which case you will need an Apple CCK adapter. This is a good option with something like an Audioquest Dragonfly DAC. Make sure you get the version of the CCK that has an extra lightning port which you can use to charge the iPad.


Yes that’s how many of us start out, see the above mentioned thread on budget streamers :slight_smile:

Short-term solution: get a new WiiM Pro Plus or a used Bluesound Node streamer for little money and see how you like it. No harm done and easily passed-on/sold-off again.

Longer-term, be prepared you may end up rethinking your system.

The headphone socket will be fine. Its the digital lightning socket output that’s the issue. Just get a 3.5mm to DIN cable if your iPad has a headphone socket.

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