Stuck a Linear Power Supply on My Switch - Blimey! 😱

I guess it’s still in the early stage of development and will not be surprised if Naim address the point in the next generation of streamers. Aqua has an in-built switch for example, Aurender plays all the traffic from the internal memory etc.


Interesting! This is what we call progress.

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I think what you’ll find is that Naim and Linn don’t go out of their way to endorse any other manufactures accessories unless they absolutely have to. Many years ago, when Linn use to dem their LP12, they used an old IKEA Lack table with the bottom cut out despite Sound Org, Audiotech and Manna tables being readily available. Shortly after their first show where this was seen IKEA unexpectedly ran out of lack tables! I think Naim also used Isoblu stands before they came up with the Fraim, so there are some exceptions.

However, if you speak to the staff they all have their own favourite gadgets, accessories and bits of hifi kit, they just don’t make it known to the rest of the world.


Yes. That’s been my experience with a few manufacturers.

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Naim won’t make recommendations for one very good reason.

They have absolutely no control of which other devices are used in the network.

They won’t want to be responsible for people buying expensive equipment that has minimal sonic benefit.

That is exactly the reason why they should make some suggestions.

What do you mean you’re not mad, you’re bloody furious! :smile:


I think Naim used to use Hutter before they invented Fraim….

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I’d like to experiment and try some improvement on my nest of cables around what I guess I could call my digital hub in our hall, I listen in the adjacent room via WiFi. Rough sketch below shows what I have (if it makes sense) - all cables, ethernets, LPSs, sockets are generic or whatever the various parts came with. Where should I start…:man_shrugging:

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You are right. I stand corrected. Thanks.

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Hi Marq,

If that were my system, I would leave the digital hub alone for the time being and add a TPLink RE650 bridge to the hi-fi end with an ethernet cable to my streaming device. If that worked nicely I’d add a decent switch after the bridge and if I liked that I’d buy a decent LPS for the switch. If all that took the system where I wanted to go SQ-wise I’d lose the NUC Roon and add an Innuos Server. Not sure about the function of the MAC? Perhaps it can be replaced by the same Innuos device? I’d then use an i-Pad to control the Innuos Sense UI and get rid of Roon.

The TPLink RE650 should be configured using the 5GHz band, with poling and 2.4GHz band disabled.

Long term, if the above is taking me in the right direction I’d replace the AX50 with a Tr-Band AC5400 and dedicate the additional 5GHz band to audio with the other 2 bands serving all my household networking requirements.

With all the above changes I’d be expecting some very significant uplift in SQ that very much increased my overall level of enjoyment.


Thanks - will give it a go. Just ordered an RE650, let’s see what happens. The Mac is just the family PC but I showed it as it is hooked into the same router. Unlikely I’ll give up Roon as I use DSP to address some room modes (unless I fix those with other treatment).

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So I got my linear power supply yesterday. I took out the cheap stock switch mode power supply, that was powering my Netgear GS105 ethernet switch.
In went the LPS. Oh my! Everthing is clearer, taughter better defined and more realistic! I great upgrade for not a lot of money.

Note: I know we are not allowed to talk about these power supplies when they modify Naim gear. I thought it would be OK in this context, because no Naim gear is being modified.


Nothing against mr. teddybear, and his ps units, in fact I quite like his products. However, my dealer told me that one of his clients’ system got blown up by his psu, so I would keep an eye on it.

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That sounds like BS or an urban legend.

9 months in so far with my Farad Super 3 into EE 8Switch - no regrets here whatsoever. Detail, inky blacks, PRaT, smoothness, you name it. Fantastic upgrade.


Re650 has arrived. How do I turn off polling? Sorry if it’s a dumb question.

Download the TPLink app Tether, link to your RE650 and use it to set up your wi-fi bands and client connections.


I’m about 2mths in with mine and your description is spot on - £ for £ (or euros to be factually correct!) fantastic upgrade imho


I can assure you it’s not, but not really for discussion here.