Stupid question or what?

Currently playing LP12 through a Uniti Star. I am considering buying the NAP 250 DR.
I am limited for space so can I sit the Star on top of the power amp, or is this a complete no no ?

Its not ideal - and its not… encouraged… But… :thinking:

Don’t do it if you can avoid

My first bit of Naim kit was a CD5 with a Nait 5i amp on top. It worked fine; I remember asking the dealer about it and his advice was that it’ll be fine that way round, but putting the amp underneath the CD player could cause issues at higher volumes when the heat has less opportunity to dissipate.

Thought as much, will have to buy a new shelf for the rack then!

A Star and a 250 is not something I’d go for. The Star isn’t really up to fronting a 250, which deserves a lot more. I’d suggest that an NDX2 and SN3 would be a lot better, and would mean that the Linn’s input remains in the analogue domain.


That wasn’t the question HH but you are right. I can see little point in vinyl no matter how good the TT is if the electronics turn the signal digital and back again. That said that’s exactly what Linn do in an all Linn system.

That would align with NaimLore… :thinking:

Short term though, a dispensation could be conferred… :laughing:

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I have this combination and I think there needs to be a separation between the two. I have my virgin box on the shelf between them and it works well. Also, you will need to get your dealer to make up a lead for you as the Star output is phonos and the signal lead that comes with the 250 is terminated in a din plug.

As for whether it is wise to pair the Star with a 250, I am in agreement with @hungryhalibut to a large extent, as an endpoint a Star and 250 is not an ideal combination, fine as a step along the way, as it is in my case. That being said I do believe the Star preamp/streamer section does benefit from the power amp not being used and part of the sonic uplift is due to this.

It’s an XLR on the 250, but yes, you would need to get a slightly non-standard lead made up.
I agree than NDX2/Supernait is likely to be a better setup, unkess the 250 is a stepping stone to a separates system.

Thanks for your response. Answers the question and I agree with the “step along the way”, but also the ‘affordable’ step along the way.
I have a large CD collection and large vinyl collection. The Uniti Star was the coverall for me and an entry into the world of Naim, and appears a very capable amp in its own right. Sound quality from my LP12 through an EAR Phonobox is exceptional to my ear.
I want to do further upgrades to the turntable and have heard the NAP 250 DR with a Star and was impressed no end.
There seems to be a lot of “you don’t want to do that” on here!

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Trying to save you possible disappointment - and money…

What you are proposing, while possible, is not the conventional way to go. A 250 is a very capable amp, which deserves a very good feed to it. Normally a 282 or higher…

YMMV, as always.

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It is an XLR on the 250 but the Star has phono output sockets rather than a din.

Yes, that was my point. The post I was replying to seems to have been deleted: it incorrectly said DIN instead of XLR.


Adding a 250 would be a sensible thing to do if you are later going to move to an NDX2, 282 and Hicap DR. But are you? If not, it’s not a good idea. Rest assured that I say this to be helpful, not just to be awkward. If you don’t want helpful advice perhaps you can specify that in your original post, then I’d avoid wasting my time in responding.

Why isn’t it a good idea? It will surely still be an improvement regardless of other changes.

I think this might have been covered before :wink:

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Perhaps if you had answered my original question and not offered unwanted advice then you wouldn’t have wasted your time!

It won’t do any harm from an electrical standpoint.
It may not be optimal, however it will probably sound bl00dy good!
Just do it.

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