Subwoofer for Nova

I’m thinking about getting a pair of SVS SB3000 to go with Nova → Triangle Signature Alphas. The Nova should allow connection to 2 different subs right? Anyone run similar setup?

Hi @gordec have you seen this thread, lots of info here. FYI I just added the SVS SB2000 Pro to my Atom + Focal Aria 906 and am very pleased with the results. Quite different to yours though, as I would have thought the Triangles already give out a fair amount of bass! On the SVS itself, I like the “Pro” options that allow you to tinker around with settings from an app on your phone.

Thanks. I have decided on 2 subs. How do you connect your Atom to your 2 SB2000 Pros? So you think SB2000 pro may be better than the SB3000? I’m not even sure if I’d like them in my system. I’m willing to try as part of the hobby.

I suppose it depends on your reasons for adding them in the first place. Are the Triangles lacking? I added mine because the Arias provide a good forward clear and pacey sound but are lacking in bass, particularly low volumes. Also the Atom is relatively low powered.

The SVS website has a useful sub matching tool. I just punched in your speakers and actually they recommend a bigger sub - the SB16 Ultra. If your reason for adding the subs is to belt out big tunes at a party, or your music tastes really require it, then it could be worth a try.

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