Super Lumina DIN5-5 cable bright?

I’m using the Super Lumina between my nDAC and Supernait 3 connected into the CD DIN input.
Has anyone noticed an artificially high frequency intensity? Im also using a non-Naim PS, the Supernait 3 using Naim’s 4 and 5 pin Naim SNAIC’s. Also using a non-Naim PS on the nDAC.

Power cables are:
Shunyata research venom XC v2 on transport
Shunyata Research Delta NR v1 on nDAC,
Audio Envy Mega Power Cables on non-Naim PS and Supernait 3.

NACA5 speaker cables into Totem Forest Signatures.

Your comments are always welcome…

Yes it was bright also in my ND555+2x555PS DR, that’s why I use the Chord Music interconnect now.

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Thanks for the continued support.

have a look at chord signature and upwards mate

I found similar between NDX 2 and Supernait 3. I borrowed one to try, it went back and I’m still using the Hi-Line it was under evaluation to replace. As suggested above worth widening the scope to other brands if you have the appetite to explore.

How do you know it’s the SL cable that’s bright, rather than the non-Naim power supplies or the collection of different mains leads?


It’s the best cable in my system. I’d look at those non Naim power supplies. The SL has just exposed another weakness in the system.


I recently replaced all of my power cables with Audio Envy cabling. All components and power supplies.

I too suspected the non Naim power supplies so i removed them from the and did several comparisons. The system is clearly better with the power supplies.

With and without the non-Naim power supplies I’m experiencing artificial high frequency intensity.

In which case, don’t buy the SL cable, and get some proper Naim power supplies instead.

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I almost returned my demo SL cable because I felt it was unacceptably bright on occasions compared to my HiLine, but in the end I decided I prefered having it in the system than not. That was 4 years ago and now I really don’t notice it, so I don’t know if it “burned in” or my brain has just adapted my hearing to balance out the sound, but whichever it is, I am very happy with it now.

A cable is not an active device which amplifies certain frequencies, if it sounds ‘bright’ it’s probably because it’s allowing more detail and information through to which I suspect your brain will adapt to over time

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Is the photo in your profile the setup? Have you tried to dampen the reflections of your left loudspeaker?

Hello HungryHalibut, Thsnks for the post. I had the Super Lumina in the system prior to adding the
non-Naim power supplies and it appeared to be flawless. I strongly feel that the non-Naim cables are suspect. I’m positive I can locate better performing cables in those three areas.

And it’s not the non-Naim power supplies because…….?

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So Lavender which has a bigger bass response lets more detail through there than the Sarum T which is more focused and neutral?

It’s just wire after all, ‘focused’ and ‘neutral’ are subjective. A cable can have a response but it won’t and can’t amplify, attenuate for sure, similar to a passive crossover I guess

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So if that is true the Lavender has a more correct pass through of bass information since it clearly has more amplitude there than many higher end cables? Same with naca5.

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The main benefit I’ve found with Superlumina interconnects is in the revelation of micro dynamics, not in a clinical way, but a more natural and immersive presentation. The same with the speaker cables, but far more controlled and textured bass and a wider and deeper soundstage.


perhaps but again a bit subjective, probably the Lavender is attenuating some of the higher end detail which is giving the impression of increased bass whereas the SL is allowing this through. All just my theories by the way as I’ve only ever heard the Lavender!

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Hello - Yes I have a GIK Acoustic 48"x24"x2" panel at the reflection point. I’ve also pulled the Totems farther into the room alleviating some tweeter reflection of the table.

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