Super Nait 3 phono input question

Im demoing an 18 month old Super Nait 3 to replace my NAC 32/140. I have to turn the up the volume very high when using phono. I have an MC Dynavector DV-20X2L cartridge on a an LP12. Is the phono stage MM in the Supernait? Do Naim expect users with MC to buy an external phono stage? Very frustrating. Sounds great with streaming!

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It’s mm, you need a sut.


The Supernait 3 I has an MM phono stage. To put in an MC would probably have required extensive shielding, which tends to slug sound as well - best in a box with no big transformer! You can either use an external mc stage (the Supernait has a powered AUX2 input so you can easily add a Stageline, Prefix or Superline) or a step up transformer.


Do step up transformers work okay? What’s a good make? There is a Superline available but it’s getting all too expensive. Would a step up be better than a Stageline?

You need that. Little, easy to hide.

Ortofon ST-7 MC (Moving Coil) Step Up Transformer

Thanks is that better than this? (Rothwell)


Can’t say. There are step up from 200 euros to 6k in the world market. With an SN3, I would not put more than 1k personally.

They always have. Nothing wrong with Old Tech.

Sony & Empire versions were also made, I believe.

Small & Simple.


I have precisely that (Japanese-built) Ortofon SUT. It works a treat with my NAIT50.

The equipment is now on a much better glass table.

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It looks good too.
Would it be no better to put some isolation, like hard wood, between the glass table and your lp12?

It seems very happy as it is at the moment, so I’m not inclined to tinker with it.

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Borrowed a SUP and it’s working fine except the Linn is making a ticking noise from inside the plinth.

Sounds like a ticky motor if it’s the old AC one.
Sometimes fixed with a tiny spot of light oil down the motor spindle.
Or if the motor is powered by lingo they sometimes forget to take the bearing cap off the bottom of the motor.

Is your cartride an highoutput?

Dynavector defines the required load at >30 Ohms but with 5 Ohms DC resistance I´d rather go with 50 ohms or even more.

A SUTs impedance ratio is the square of the turns ratio and makes an impedance on the secondary winding of the MC transformer appear to a source feeding the primary as that impedance transformed by the square of the turns ratio.

Consequently a SUT with a turns ratio of 1:20 (or 16 dB amplification factor) lets the MC see 118 Ohms, a SUT with 1:30 will load the MC at 52 Ohms and a SUT with 1:40 at 30 Ohms.

Dynavector offered backin the good old days and offers today SUTs that are suitable for their low impedance MC cartridges and these come with 26 dB amplification factor (or 1:20 turns ratio), what makes 1:20 a good starting point for your SUT journey.

I also operate my two Dynavectors (Karat 100D, Karat D100R) at 1:20 with either M. Cotter Verion MK1, Entré ET-100, Dynavector DV/6X or Capsules from Sowter and UTC

The Rothwell MC-1 (1:12,9) is not a proper fit. With Rothwell it would be the MCL; otherwise the Ortofon ST-7 (24 dB/ 1:16 => load at 187Ohms) would be a better but not a perfect match. I´d rather go for SUTs with a 1:20 tuns ratio.

P.S.: good quality and good sounding capsules with 1:20 turns ratio can be found at

  • Lundahl → LL9226X or LL9226
  • Sowter → 9990 or 1590
  • Hashimoto → HM-3 only
  • Silk Audio MC-220A
  • Cinemag Inc. CM-1254 and CM-1131
  • Partridge TH-7559

Think the OP has the Low Output version of the DV20X… :slightly_smiling_face:

[DV-20X2L - output 0.3mv - ??]

Maybe the best choice would be a second hand Dynavector phono? It’s not big and costs similar price as the Ortofon MC7 step up.
At least you will have the right loading.

Type: Two-piece, MM/MC phono stage with current drive option
Phono inputs: RCA sockets
Analogue outputs: RCA sockets
Input sensitivity: 0.2mV – 2.0mV
Input impedance: 130, 60, 100, 220, 470, 47k Ohms
Input capacitance: 100, 200, 300 pF
Output impedance: not specified
Gain: 40, 46, 56, 60, 63dB
Output level: not specified
Dimensions (HxWxD): 46 x 160 x 118mm
Weight w/out PSU: 500g

Price when tested: