Supercap VS hicapDR to power one device

which one of these is better to power a single unit such as a stageline or an integrated

i realize this does not use the supercap (non DR) to its full potential but is it considerably better than a HCDR

Yes, I’d say that a Supercap trumps any form of Hicap in pretty much all cases. Those who have experienced what a Supercap can do on even a Headline or Stageline would, I’m sure, agree here.


@yankfish totally agreee with @Richard.Dane here

from my experience 282/HCDR was lovely and added to 282, then moved to a SC non DR on to 282 - took the 282 on to another level

my SC is from 2010, has been serviced. the plan is to DR early next year if possible


Yep, @Richard.Dane nails it. A post of his prompted me to try my SC2 ( that was, you know… just lying around!) on my Headline, swapping out the HCDR. Lovely difference! I was pretty much gobsmacked at how it performed. Permanent fixture now - even though it is probably due a service soon.
Improved detail, layering and just plain ol’ swing is what it brought. The HiCap was no slouch, but the SC2…wow.


Exactly my experience with the Headline. Amazing how good it becomes.


So what’s the view on these combinations of SuperLine, NAC282, SuperCap DR and HiCap DR?


(a) SuperCap on the SuperLine, HiCap DR on the NAC282; or

(b) HiCap DR on the SuperLine, SuperCap on the NAC282.

I appreciate (b) may well benefit other sources so I’m just talking vinyl here. And forget powering anything from Aux2.

I’m wondering if the limitations of power supply on the 282 in (a) make (b) the better option.

Or forget the SuperCap altogether and just feed both off HiCap DR’s - pretty much what I’m using now.

What do you think?

I have never heard a Hicap DR sound better than any Supercap. We tried it - a HiCap DR against an early and unserviced Supercap (S/N 165xxx or thereabouts).


good to know, just picked up a SC (serviced) for later upgrade but will be paired with either my supernait 1 or stageline till i can get a 282 or 252

glad to hear it trumps all others which means it’s much much better

i’ll pair it with a supernait or stageline and update to spread the good word

You can power the Superline directly from the Aux2 socket of the 282. This takes full advantage of the Supercap’s abilities and eliminates the HiCap altogether.

I have in the past powered the SuperLine from the Aux2 socket but found a noticeable lift in performance - not just of the SuperLine but also other sources - by relieving the burden of powering both it and the preamp off the same power supply. I’m not going back to using the powered Aux 2 socket. If I was using a NAC252 then maybe I would as that just routes the dedicated supplies from the SuperCap to the phono stage - the NAC282 does not do this.

So, my question still really boils down to ‘Is a SuperLine powered by a SuperCap more limited in showing what it can do (when connected to a NAC282 powered by a HiCap DR) [as opposed to] a SuperLine being powered by a HiCap DR when connected to a NAC282 powered by a SuperCap?’.

This may seem irrelevant but the difference is the cost of a Burndy vs a SNAIC - quite a significant difference in cost.

Really? I think you’ll find that the SC connects to the 282 via 2 snaics and only utilizes 4 of the 13 24v rails of the SC2

John Bailey

If it was me I’d do Superline SC and 282 Hicap

Source first

When I had a Superline I did a similar test as I was upgrading to DR
My first Supercap DR I tried on both Superline and Snaxo, very easy decision it went on the Superline
Didn’t try it with the preamp as I was still using the 52 and had a 52PS


Thanks Lyndon.

That is my hunch.

I’ve always been a bit suspicious of adding a SC to a 282 - I’m sure it sounds better than a HiCap but what a waste of all those unused power supply rails - which of course the SuperLine makes use of with its 16 pin Burndy.


I’m not familiar with the 82 or 282
From your last post am I correct in thinking there isn’t a Burndy socket on the 282 ?


Correct - no Burndy socket. A 282 connects to a SuperCap via two SNAIC’s - so utilises four 24v power rails. A 252 connects to a SuperCap via a Burndy so uses all fourteen power rails (plus a 15th as a replacement for the NAPSC on a 282).

The 282 is a cut down version of the 252.

never really understood why the 282 doesn’t have a burndy connection since it’s the natural path to eventually get a supercap to power it

i guess it’s a cost cutting measure which is fine but is it worth it?

The way it works is:

Buyer really wants a 252/SuperCap… but can’t afford/justify it just yet so…

Buys a 282 powered by a HiCap, then…

Buys a SuperCap to power the 282 via two SNAIC’s, then thinks…

Sod it, now I’ve got the SuperCap I might as well go the full hog and get the 252.

Something like that :slightly_smiling_face:


Good way to spread the cost and enjoy an upgrade every so often.

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