SupercapDR vertical mount

Any reason against trying it?

I have a spare Fraim-level but I would need to mount the TV higher …

I remember saying Julian vereker had his naim amps standing on the side. Only thing I can think of if heat is not an issue is vibrations since you don’t place it on the feet or in the fraim.

Heat shouldn’t be a problem, using it to feed a SN3 I’m evaluating so only 2 DR:s are used (I think). I’ll try it with the transformer at the bottom for stability…

I was looking at a simple stand for having a computer vertically on the floor without falling over and having something for vibrations inside that stand.

Puritan make a stand for their power conditioner (156) to mount it on the side with inbuilt vibration feet. Maybe something like this would be suitable to place it on with some rubber things between. The size of 156 is pretty similar to a naim box.


My SC2 lives on its side. This Puritan stand looks very handy, ta.


Agreed, the Puritan looks more suitable than what I’ve found so far.

I’ve contacted the Swedish distributor.

The only possible downside is that there is increased stress the transformer mounting bolt, which now must carry the load of the non-negligible weight, instead of that being passed on to the bottom of the chassis.

On the other hand it should be designed to handle shipping.

At the same time why has no one done a space-saver shelf for the Fraim with everything vertical :slight_smile:

A touching faith in the amazingly pricy Fraim!

Aluminium shelves bolted to the wall will always provide a more stable platform.


You have a fabulous system. What I like best is the custom, creative way you’ve fit your system into your space sans fraim. If you always fit in, you can never stand out. Nicely done!

Thanks, R6six, I made my comment slightly tongue-in-cheek, and I’m expecting to have to duck for cover shortly under heavy fire from outraged Fraim owners!

Nice alignment between top shelf and space between speakers

Easier in countries where masonry is more common than wood frames I imagine. I could have done that in the UK but in a wooden house I don’t think the studs are strong enough to take anywhere close to that shere force. Not to mention that massive changes in humidity between summer and winter change the shape so much you’d never get them level.

It certainly looks very nice and into masonry, I suspect it performs as superbly as a rack on a solid concrete floor. Nicely done!

Fraim is not all about stability,it´s about removing vibrations from the units.
You will also have better sound quality if the boxes are more separated.

I very much doubt that my components would sound better on an overpriced, free-standing plywood and glass construction.

I am certainly not going to buy a Fraim, or even a Fraim Lite, to test your theory. I’d rather spend my money buying LPs.

Sure it’s your choice, but it’s good to try Fraim,so you know what it’s all about.

Sir Thomas Beecham said that he’d be happy to try anything but incest and Morris dancing!

I’ll pass as regards the Fraim, thank you.

Sir Arnold Bax - not Beecham.


Thank you.

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At the same time, if you have a Melco with HDDs the vibrations from the HDDs can be felt on the neighboring Fraim shelves.