Superfine feet

…is it supposed to have some?

Do you mean the Superline?

If so, yes, like all the Naim kit with mass loaded suspended boards inside, they are metal and so you need to be careful that there’s absolutely no rocking at all, as there’s no tolerance leeway. Naim carefully level the feet at the factory on a perfectly flat piece of aluminium plate. However, other surfaces (even glass) cannot be guaranteed to be perfectly evenly flat so, if there is even the slightest trace of rocking on your surface, Naim can supply very thin alloy shims to ensure it’s perfectly four-square whatever the surface.

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As per the comment made on the other Superline thread I recently had to shim the feet of my Superline on glass with the kit supplied by Naim and it made a significant difference.

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the “superfine” superline

ok, i get it
just seemed unusual since everything else has some kind of rubber

When you have a suspension system then it’s usually best to remove any other compliance that may work against it, hence the solid feet.


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