Superline + HiCap


I am thinking of upgrading my beloved Superline with a HiCap DR…what can I expect soundwise?

I run it right now into my SN2 via a BAUER DPS2 turntable with a Lyra Delos.

Thank you!

I would expect you’ll be up late listening to lots of records! That definitely sounds like a great move as the Superline really deserves any least a Hicap or dedicated AUX2 power like that in the 52/252 and 552.

The only question for me would be whether it makes the biggest difference dedicated to the Superline, or whether putting it on the Supernait 2 with the Superline on AUX2 makes the best sense. If vinyl is primary source then I would guess the former would be the best way forward (extra i/c though), but you never really know unless you try it out.

Thank you, Richard.

Yep, vinyl is my preferred listening source.
Will check a HiCap out…maybe even on both…

It already sounds fabulous without a dedicated power supply. :smiley:

Would I, after bringing in the HiCap, still put the DIN cable into the AUX2 socket of the Supernait 2 (coming from the HiCap)?

Only if dedicating the Hicap to the Supernait. Otherwise you would have the Hicap powering the Supereline and then you would take signal out of the Hicap via 4-5 interconnect into one of the regular DIN inputs on the Supernait.

Thanks. Which would be that input on the Supernait if the signal comes from the Hicap?

I suspect the hicap on the supernait and the superline on AUX2 will give less detail but a better musical flow than running the superline direct from the hicap.
This is extrapolating a bit from when I tried various power supplies (flatcap 2x, hicap and eventually supercap) with my 282 and superline. My hicap went back in the box in preference to on the superline when I put a supercap on the 282. The only thing that displaced it from AUX 2 for good was running it from the supercap via a Burndy. I was using a DV17D2 with an Aro on a Rock mk2 sans trough at the time.

Whichever you choose.

Since my ND5XS is on HDD, I could only use CD and Tuner, right?

Yup, either CD or tuner would be fine.

Thank you, Richard.
Thank you, Yeti.

First of all you can expect surprise. :wink:

After a few pieces of music, the gain in musicality IMHO quickly becomes clear. Especially when the old condition is restored after a few days, you will know what the change will do.

From earlier times I know the difference when a prefix powered directly with the 52, a Hicap or supercap. There were always enormous steps towards foot tapping.

I once tried to describe the difference between HiCap and Supercap on SL …

Maybe it helps a bit, because all of this is sometimes perceived very differently individually.


But, making an educate d Guess here, you’ll be finding yourself sooner or later hunting for a 282 questioning whether to shift SC on it and …

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