Superline Standard cartridge output

I have a superline standard that I connected to my supercap with a burndy cable. I connected the supercap to my 282 with a high line cable. I tried connecting it to auxiliary 2, not the power connection. My 250dr is connected to the supercap. All connections were done following the manuals. When I connected to the 282 aux. 2, not the power input, the sound was extremely loud. I did not have to increase the volume. I thought I would blow out my speakers. I tried connecting to aux 1 same results. I tried one other input and got the same results, extremely loud music without turning up the volume.

When I connect the superline directly to the 282 though the power auxiliary output 2 I do not have this problem.

My turntable is a Linn LP12 with an Ekos SE tonearm with a EMT, JSD Lime. The output voltage is 1.04. The superline worked fine with this cartridge before I connected the Burndy. My speakers are Harbeth Super HL5 XD+.

Before I buy another cartridge, is the problem that my current cartridge’s output is to high?

@Richard.Dane calling.

That cartridge is too high in output for a Superline, which is best matched with carts with an output up to 0.5mV. A Superline E might be OK, but the cart output may still be too high even for that.

I don’t really know why there would be a difference between Supercap power and AUX2 power here, but perhaps if @110dB (Steve) who designed the Superline gets to read this thread then he may be able to enlighten us.


So - meaning powered via Aux 2 - ???

You need to check your connections, I have a feeling the audio output from the superline is being fed directly into the 250DR and bypassing the 282.

No wonder it was loud…


I think you are right. The manuals are not clear about the connections. According to the manuals the 250dr supposedly connects to the supercap even when the burndy is also connected. The only other option is to connect the 250 to the preamp.

Naim manuals are not always clear about the connections.


Yes, the Superline was was connected to the power Aux 2. It did not present a problem.

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May I ask if you were connecting both 282 and Superline to a single Supercap at the same time?


It sounds to me like you are trying to use one Supercap to power a 282 and a Superline. I don’t believe you can do that. Definitely not with a 252.

If you want to use a Superline with a Supercap, that Supercap is dedicated to power the Superline, nothing else. The Burndy (SL/SNAXO variant) connects the SuperCap to the Superline (which will also need a blanking plug on the SNAIC input). Connecting line out from the Superline to the 282 requires a DIN 4-5 connected from the Supercap signal output to a non-powered line in on the 282. Nothing else should be connected to that Supercap. One Burndy to the Superline, one DIN 4-5 to the preamp, one power cord. That’s it.

If you want to power a 282 with a Supercap, and you also want to power a Superline with a Supercap you need two Supercaps, one for each device (SL, 282).


The EMT cartridge has around five times too much output unless its a quarter coil version but I think EMT only offer that with the pickup heads not the half inch mount cartridges, you could ask but it’s too late now you’ve bought it.

The supercap should directly power only one box at a time or the grounding scheme gets messed up apparently, either superline or 282. If you only have one then power the 282 and run the superline from AUX2. If you have a second supercap then crack on but with a lower output cartridge.
With a supercap and a hicap I’d choose to power the superline via a Burndy and the 282 from the hicap given a decent record deck and enough records to treat digital as a secondary source. If there’s no Naim digital source then earth the grounding post on the pre.


As others have advised here, it does sound as though you are trying to use one Supercap to power Both the NAC282 and the Superline together at the same time. You can’t do this, and this is why you are getting such a loud sound as you’re effectively feeding the Superline signal directly to the NAP250.

If you only have the one Supercap and no other power supply such as a HICAP or another Supercap, then you should connect it to the NAC282 only as per the manual. Then connect the Superline via the powered AUX2.


Good advice. I will connect the 250 to the 282. See what happens.

I don’t remember if it was a quarter or half coil. I have to check. I do know the output voltage is 1.04.

That’s the standard output.

I followed the manual’s direction. It shows both the superline and 282 powered on the super cap. I do have one hicapdr that I kept. I will try that before I get another cartridge.

What manual shows that? I have both Superline and Connections manuals and neither shows such a configuration.

You can’t power a preamp and Superline, both, with a Supercap dr. You are new here, asked for help, and many responded the same. However you seem to not trust people here.
Some have Naim equipment since more than 40 years.


I am not new to Naim or Linn. My first Naim system was over 30 years ago. I am trying the advice of the others who are trying to help and I appreciate their help.


You power the 282 from the supercap and the superline from the 282’s powered AUX socket thus both are powered from the supercap and the grounding scheme is maintained. What you shouldn’t do id use the Burndy socket for the superline as well as powering the pre via a couple of Snaics.

Given the availability of a hicap then there are three options.

  1. As above and forget about the hicap, I used this option for several years but didn’t have a Burndy to try….

  2. Power the 282 from the hicap and the superline from the supercap via a Burndy.
    I recently tried this configuration for a few weekends while we had the builders in ripping out the bathroom and putting a shower in. I disassembled the 500 series gear for the duration and boxed it all up but set up the old 282/250 for use at weekends, one stack and easy to cover against dust. A Denon 103 on the Korf/Lenco. Weekdays we stayed in a hotel nearby but we moved back for weekends. I enjoyed this stripped back system far more than I expected and think the maxed out superline had a lot to do with it. It as still with some relief that I went back the the full system though.

  3. Power the 282 from the supercap and the superline from the hicap. This was my least favourite, more detailed than 1 but less fluidity.


Is it a completely mad idea to use a SUTin reverse to match the EMT to the superline? You wouldn’t choose it from a blank slate but givien all are present save the SUT a 5:1 would get the signal to the right level.