Superline Standard cartridge output

What Naim have advised the OP to do, makes no sense to me… :expressionless:

I have always understood that a Naim PS - either Supercap or HiCap - can only power 1 item.

With a Supercap, its complicated by it having a multi-way Burndy output AND two SNAIC DIN5 style outputs. My understanding is that either the Burndy output is used OR the two DIN5’s are used. But never both.

Can anyone explain what Naim have advised the OP to do - @Richard.Dane - ??

One Of The Most Confusing Threads… :crazy_face:


My Understanding.

  • 282 is powered from the Supercap’s 2 DIN5 outputs - unclear why these need to reversed
  • SuperLine is powered from the Supercap’s Burndy output
  • SuperCap is powered TWO items - 282 AND SuperLine
  • SuperLine output is extracted from the Supercap, via a DIN4 to DIN5 lead, to a 282’s line input
  • 250 is getting its signal direct from the 282 - this is not normal

Confused Dot Naim


Here is the 282’s rear panel, from the Naim Preamps Manual -

Naim say connect the NAP250 to the bottom right DIN4 socket - !!

That is for connecting a NAP with an internal PS - such as a NAP200.

I am sorry, but I think the advise the OP has had from Naim may be … incorrect.

It might ‘work’, but its not Naim Normal.

Doesn’t seem right to me. And left me a bit confused too as to exactly what is being advised. But then what do I know…?

Surely this is not advice from Naim - I.e Salisbury??

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Is it a recommendation from Naim or Focal France, because the writer, Michel Rousseau, seems to be french, at least by name?

Naim seem to be getting cavalier with their grounding these days, first the new classics drop taking the signal to the ps between pre and power and now they suggest doing the same with classic series.
Be interesting to compare this to Supercapped superline and hicapped 282 with the more usual signal routing but my 282/hicap/250 are about 40 miles from my superline/supercap at the moment.

Happy to be confused with you…!!

If I understand right, the OP has a HiCap - so could use their SuperCap on their Superline and their HiCap on their 282.

Whats wrong with that…? Correct, normal Naim connections and signal earthing would be preserved.

Yes, much better.

Having a Supercap power two items is not advisable. At the very least it likely has created an earth loop. And feeding the NAP250 straight from the NAC282 is a definite no-no. It’ll all work but it’s not ideal…

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Its not good to have what appears to be incorrect advice, published on the Naim Forum, apparently coming from Naim. Or is it from Focal…?

Either way, its not good.


I would guess a dealer or maybe a distributor?

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The OP’s post says the info is from Michel Rousseau, Naim Support.

I found him. He is at Naim US support.

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Think he needs to be spoken with, by Salisbury…

Not Cool.

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I hope he’s not the one who fixed my HiLine DIN5-5. :rofl:

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