Superline Vs competition

Which Burndy cable would I need from a SUPERCAP(olive) to the Superline?

You need the SNAXO/SuperLine Burndy (and that is not the same as one you would use for a 252).


Has anybody compared the Gold Note PH10 & power supply to a Superline in its different configurations i.e. powered from pre,Hicap or SUPERCAP?

Thank u

Turns out the E variant of the Superline cannot be converted to the standard version.

This, I`m also interested in.

You’d probably only want to do that if you’re using an ultra low output MC, say below 0.15mV. I use the Superline E as it allows me the widest range of MC carts - I have none below 0.2mV

Hi Richard, if you could kindly provide a guideline. Because most cartridge manufacturers say low output at around 0.5mv.

What range would the Superline E and standard Superline MC be suitable for please?

I’d say that the standard Superline is suitable for carts from 0.1mV up to around 0.5mV. The Superline E from 0.2mV up to around 0.65mV. As I say, I use the latter and have used it successfully with carts from as low as 0.2mV.

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I have the SuperLine and my cartridge is 0.3mv output. That works well for me.

Hafenklang sogar?

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Well, I added a SuperCap DR and HiLine IC to my SuperLine today and that sure takes it to another level of excellence. My wife noticed immediately. I was playing the Tone Poet reissue of Chick Corea’s Now He Sings Now He Sobs, and she commented how the piano sounds so live, like when we saw Chick in a small club here a few years ago. She is happy we added this. I wasn’t originally planning to make more changes, but the opportunity presented itself.


That SC DR sure does something special to a Superline!

Best regards, BF


So the superline E isn’t actually suitable for an EMT cartridge?

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I can look only at the specifications, so would defer to more experienced opinions.

On specifications alone I’d imagine a Superline E would be ok.

EMT quotes:

Output voltage: 1.05mV @ 5cm/s

Superline E is rated just a tiny bit under that:

SuperLine E: 200μV - 1mV

The E, when it was applied to the stageline stood for EMT, it’s a pity if that link has been broken with the superline E, especially as I’d like to try an EMT some day. It’s only the need to change phonostages that has stopped already doing it.

No, as I’ve mentioned elsewhere, the “E” here is different to the Stageline E, which is suitable for the EMT carts. The E on the Superline is just to differentiate it from the standard version. The difference in gain between them is comparatively small, the E version just allowing the use of low output MCs up to 0.65mV.

I thought Superline E was ok up to 1mV (that’s what the specs on the website say).

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It may well be capable up to that level but it would probably be pushing the headroom.

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