Superlumina speaker cables: No - Boogie?

After using a superlumina in my system for more than a year, I’ve gone back to Naca-5.

Boogie is back. I was waiting for it to burn in but one year is plenty time for burn in.

Not Full-Loom: Only speaker cables.

SL more smooth - less tension. Maybe too little.


Using HiLine and standard snaics. Speaker cables were the only thing upgraded to SL…

What’s the rest of your system ?

I agree with superlumina loosing prat. I tried the interconnect for months and months and always preferred the hiline. More detail yes, maybe even more information coming through but no boogie, so it went back to the dealer. I blame the silver in the cable, copper sounds better to my ears. Had the same result with expensive silver audioquest interconnects years ago.



What is your system… although completely understand your experience with SL !


I think that saying SL looses PRAT should be thought of more as NACA5 enhancing PRAT as a kind of filter.

I very much like the sounds SL allows through and by improving other aspects sheer musicality emerges. If the music has lots of foot tapping in it that is what you feel.

I quite understand that the loss might put people off as can finding what’s needed to bring it back with SL.



Yes to more information but makes the music boring. If I wanted boring I would go Linn or McIntosh. :slight_smile:


Speaker wire is a funny thing and I’d say it’s obviously not working in your set up !
What speakers ? Could be the Amp / Wire / Speaker combo not getting along.

Is the correct answer! I had the opportuninty to buy SL speaker cable at 75% discount, tried it, hated it, exactly as you describe, NacA5 just much more enjoyable. Hiline i also owned, went back to lavender, so much better music, if less detail.


I switched my NACA5 to Witchhat Phantom still maintained the PRAT, Boogie and added detail.


I enjoy music to be a little ‘forward sounding’. The speakers are 606s - fairly neutral. Maybe the SLs would work way better to tame a forward sounding speaker (Kudos X2s) but seems like a waste.
Maybe full-loom SL is the answer - but not going there. In any case, kids have taken over the living area…

I much prefer vertere and SL cables to Naca5

But I do concede it depends on the speaker …

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Changed to Chord Shawline/Epic about a year ago (system in profile).

Detail AND boogie. Best of both worlds. :smiley:


I bought a 5m pair of SL speaker cables soon after getting a 200DR and Kudos X2s. On the face of it, total madness, given that the cables cost, at full price, nearly as much as the amp and speakers combined! I did it because I got an insanely cheap deal, and the effect they had on the system (compared to NACA5) was to bring the soundstage forward, into the room. Not an effect I would describe as taming.

Super Lumina, no boogie?

Well, I guess it is system dependent. As far as my system is concerned it adds balance, clarity and a better soundstage insight, without trading off anything.

A must have in my opinion.


Adding Super Lumina speaker cable in place of Tellurium and replacing the Hi-Line was just such an awesome improvement for me if I was allowed to use the comparisons of night and day / like a black box upgrade I would!

SL made such a difference in all respects. Each system is different I guess and it’s interesting to hear that SL is not for everyone - but I love it.

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I have the same system as you currently, but tried SL interconnects with nd555/252/300. I found it some what compressed, less musical. I will give it another try next year…but i am not too hopeful that it will ever shine for me…you are not alone in finding SL not working in your system.

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Really? I accept it’s nice to have but must have? Hyperbole…

Fair point, I would rather say nice to have. Stock cables are excellent on their own.

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I had a fairly extensive demo of SL speaker cable (272, 555PS, 250DR, ProAc K6s). Accurate but soulless and bland in comparison with the Chord Epic Reference I went for (not to mention considerably more expensive). The Chord is exciting - not sure precisely what is meant by ‘boogie’, but the Chord sound grips me far more than the SL. I found it to be the same in my first system, when I bought Chord Epic in preference to NACA5. I just prefer what Chord speaker cable does, but love my SL DIN to XLR!