@NO-QUARTER may know?

Sorry Mike, when I owned the SN2 I did not use either cables, I was using Nordost Heimdall 11 that I had in my home theatre room. I got the NACA5 after upgrading to the 272/XPSDR/250DR, then upgraded to SL speaker cables from there. I did like what the SL cable did over the A5, but I also added the SL Din to XLR at the same time, so hard to say exactly what each cable brought, but the full loom was excellent.

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With you on this Mike. You tempted to try a dedicated rack somehow?
This is the thing, there is always more to give via what you have.

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Probably not, I prefer the aesthetics of a cabinet in our lounge and being able to hide the cables. If I want more isolation, I’d look at isolation feet under my glass shelves, which is way cheaper than a Fraim as well.

Not the isolation feet that would be applicable for your level of kit. You need the brass Quadraspire feet! :joy:

This made interesting reading on SL speaker cables.

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I posted that. After a week or so I’ve gone back to the SL. Yeah, less boogie but all the other things made up for it.

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Just listened to new vinyl (KIWANUKA) through SN3 and was switching back and forth streaming Qobuz/Roon/24bit with NDX2/XPSDR. Maybe time to sell my turntable and records… so much more depth. I love vinyl, find it therapeutic to look at spinning around, plus makes me wanna sit down and listen to a whole album… but… was surprised how much more the NDX2 brought. First time I’ve tried it. Anyone else toyed between the two?


I’ve been thinking the same thing. The 252 + 250DR have been on my mind. But would the cost justify the sound. Not heard so don’t know, but other forums seem to be very enthusiastic on the uplift. Against the SN2 least. :man_shrugging:t3:

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@Mon Are you still liking the S40’s? I sort of regret not hanging on to mine a little longer so I could hear them with the NDX2/SN3


The S40s take a loooooong time to break in… I’m talking months… in that time sometimes sound awful sometimes great…but wonderful little speakers. Plus I love the red birch Suit my London apartment so well. I had a roksan blak before which is very powerful but was muddy. I wondered if the SN3 would drive them as well. It’s different. Theres a lot more separation in instruments and more control. Moments I’m ecstatic and they’re wonderful and sometimes I wanna try the 250DR… just to check I’m getting the best out of them :slight_smile: having said that it’s probably the bug…

The SL interconnect made a whopping difference to clarity. Powerlines more ooomph. Am a little gutted my vinyls don’t sound as good as my digital anymore :rofl: But that’s more of a compliment to the NDX2/XPSDR. I’m probably gonna stick with the system some more months as it continually improves…

What speakers do you have now? I think a lot depends on the room too. The S40s are the last thing I wanna part with at present (The look/performance/price). Have heard them with 4 amps, all very different sounds, but fully aware of their capability and need of time to bed in.

Also the thing about 80W is kind of nonsense. It’s more current required. Transformer/components/craftsmanship etc… I tried them with 110W amp… that one had great imaging but really struggled to provide meaningful depth/bass…

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No doubt one would expect it to be better, it’s hugely more expensive for starters and diminishing returns will be kicking in. There is a lot that can be delivered through the SN with source and cable improvements.

It’s interesting thought, that many at this level have lesser sources (no PS on streamer, or no SL interconnect). I also use headphones a lot, so maximising everything up to the headphone stage level is worthwhile for me, I’d really only consider separates longer term once they are upgraded and there was a headphone solution that utilised system automation.


Yeah it might be wiser for me to try the hi cap dr and just be done. Certainly cheaper. I mean it sounds pretty sweet presently :slight_smile: naim have a great pyramid scheme in place :rofl:

Impulse control needed.

Also the XPSDR I wasn’t massively impressed when I got it in all honesty compared to even the SL interconnect. But if you remove it…

I think they probably compliment each other. For me the SL added much more, but if the XPS DR wasn’t there?

I’m running Spendor A7’s which I always had, bought the S40’s as an itch to scratch when I had my Nova, I liked the Dynas but I opted to keep the A7’s in the end as I felt they offered more detail and presence and more low end too, perhaps I dident give the S40’s long enough. The Spendors are good but maybe a little over detailed, I do recall the S40’s been very good when cranked so I guess I’m curious now that I have the SN3, I recall they had a really impressive wide sound stage too.

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The soundstage is amp dependent too. But yes with the SN3 you don’t have to sit in particular part of the room, it kinda fills the room. I auditioned some Spendor A4s or A5s (can’t remember maybe even A6…sorry) with the supernait 2, rega Ellicit r, roksan blak. Took them home and auditioned against the dynaudios with friends which were a lot fuller and an immediate winner, i liked the spendors a lot in the showroom but were airy and didn’t carry the depth of the dynaudios. Was a clear winner. But you have the more expensive spendors so couldn’t possibly give an opinion on them, am sure they’re a lot better than what I audioned (which i really enjoyed until I got them home against the dyns)

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I’m currently running my NDX2 bare with no psu, I’ll probably look in to that in the new year so that may give an added boost. What stands are you using?

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The NDX2 alone is really really good as well. Dynaudio stand 20s (filled with sand)… I got a good package deal on everything. I always haggle like crazy when buying, probably to the annoyance of dealers.

I don’t wanna sway you anyway. Why not audition some with your current setup? It’s a pain but probably worth it. Maybe some well run in demo ones?

Also I originally got the grey ones. Got them swapped for the red. Which I really do adore, look stunning. Different folks different strokes anyway. Best listening yourself. But dynaudios are notoriously long to run in. Patience is definitely key.


Yeh I had the grey too, they looked well but would probably opt red second time around! I’ll see, it’s frustrating as I had a pair, I’ll probably wait until I get a psu and see how I feel then as the Spendors are very good but I just have a yearn for something with a bit more balls. Speakers will always be a compromise though and if you actually get to nail it you’re very lucky I reckon.

Recently purchased a NDX 2 and SN 3 and having a little love/hate relationship. I understand they require some time to settle but for what these two pieces cost, they should sound amazingly good out of the box.

With a turntable (a vintage modded Thorens 125/Jelco/Orthofon), it sounded fantastic. Lots of headroom when using the Phono input and was able to bring the volume past 12 o’clock.

With a digital source, been dealing with an issue regarding the volume being too loud and not being able to position the volume pot on SN3 past 7-8 o’clock. (see photo). As I try to increase the volume, it instantly becomes shouty (if that term make any sense). No subtle or slow incremental change. I find it uncomfortable and need to dial it back.

As I am finding out, this is a very different sounding amp from the Nova. It seems dryer and has an incredible sound stage, depth and detail. When playing a low volumes with the NDX 2, it is very musical and detailed.

Maybe no longer a good match with my speakers but this particular combo or amp is hyper sensitive even with my Neat Xplorers. I moved the speakers closer to the wall (about 7" away from rear wall) and this improved things taking care of what I perceived as brightness/harshness coming from the NDX 2. I tried RCA interconnects rather the supplied DIN and same sonic results.

System is using NAC A5 speaker cables, Powerlines on the Melco N1A, SN 3 and NDX 2, sitting on a Fraim lite. System automation is enabled.

I’ve contacted the distributor who are going to look into whether the volume pot can be changed or adjusted. I want the amp to be replaced.

This is the maximum position I can play at and I would consider this a little loud if guests were over.

And this is just the right volume, not overbearing.