Supernait 2 hum!

New to the forum! I need start a thread to introduce myself, share a little about my system and how I’ve come to love Naim. But for now, the push for me to join the forum is that I have been having an issue that has been mostly solved by finding this thread:

I am running a little piece of speaker wire as recommended, but I was hoping someone could direct me to a more permanent part that plugs in. Does this exist? The language in the thread was hard for me to comprehend because I know nothing about electrical design, grounding, or whatever style of plug Naim uses. Thanks so much!

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It’s the dac:

You’ll need to add a ground wire, are you using a mains block?
Check this specific post: Chord DAC and Naim Compatibility Issues? - #21 by Simon-in-Suffolk

Or as per the reference, use an Earth grounded source connected as well to your SuperNait.
Naim doesn’t use floating Earth… someone might have misled you. They use a system where one and only one connected source needs to be Earth grounded. If you have only one source then this must be Earth grounded. If you have two or more Earth grounded sources you will also likely get a hum.
Many Naim sources have a button on the rear that assigns then as Earth grounded (‘chassis’) or floating.

If your DAC source is the only source and it has a floating Earth, and hums, you will need to connect the mains Earth to the negative or return side to the RCA signal outputs of that DAC

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I have had the same issue with a Supernait 2 and an XS2 and resolved it by using a very high quality 5 volt power supply to the Chord DAC or with another DAC running it on a Lithium M/C battery.

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