Supernait 2 + NAP 250 DR

Hello, in order to make a step by step upgrade toward NAC 282 / NAP 250 DR, Is it possible to connect a Supernait 2 as a preamp to a 250 DR according to the connection guide screenshot below but using the DIN4-XLR from HiCap to the NAP 250 DR ? The NAP seems readily available which is not the NAC case hence this first step. Thanks !

Yes - exactly as you say.

Do you have a Hicap already ?

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No, will have to also buy the HiCap DR

Can’t you just use biamp output and Din/xlr

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Ah ok. You can run the SN2 with the 250 without the Hicap if needed, but going the upgrade route of adding the Hicap DR and then the 250 would make more sense, before you finally add the 282 to the mix.

Yep that works, just leave the link plug in.

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If you plan to move to separate pre and power amps, you might do better to get the preamp first, to ‘feed’ the power amp part of the Supercap (which I assume is possible).

TomTom Audio (in St Albans) have a couple of fairly new NAC 282s for sale (between £2,500 and £2,800).

Thought so - connection guide Rev 1J page 23

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Yes, that’s another approach the OP could take. The SN2 can be used as a power amp and is able to power a 282 :+1:

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Thanks for your answers, i understand from page 23 configuration that it is in bi-amplification mode so I will have to run a pair of speaker cables from the SN2 and another one from the NAP . Am i right ?

No. Just leave the speaker cables on the SN2 disconnected, leave the link plug in and connect the 250 to the bi-amp out socket as @IainO mentioned. Connect the speaker cables to the 250.

You’re not bi-amping the speakers as per the configuration guide, just using this output socket so you can use the SN2 with the 250, without needing a Hicap.

I admit to getting confused now.

I thought that Naim don’t endorse bi-amping - or has that advice changed recently?

It just gives another option Graham as a lot of speakers support a split crossover these days.

They don’t endorse biwiring, and they don’t endorse passive biamping as a way to improve sound quality compared to simply buying a better amp. They do however endorse passive biamping as a way of driving more demanding speakers for customers who do not wish to run more expensive multi box pre/power separates. That is the purpose of the biamp output sockets, and the reason they specifically put them on the Supernait.

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Are we getting into distinctions here between bi-amping (which I think that Naim don’t/didn’t support) and active operation (which I know that Naim have always endorsed with their NAXO/SNAXO boxes)?

I’ve never had any experience of either, and I’m not sure that I could explain the difference.

PS Your post appeared, Chris, while I was typing this post above. I’m a bit confused now!

Yes. They’re different. Bi-amping still has the passive crossover between amps and speaker drivers. Active moves the crossover to an electronic version, ahead of the power amps so the power amps are directly coupled to the drivers.

Okay, thanks for your answers. So back to my question with more informations. First, i can afford the HiCap . Second, i am in Canada. I will check with my dealer today if both, the NAC 282 and NAP 250DR are stock in Canada. Which is the next logical step toward the NAC282/NAP 250 DR upgrade . SN2 as a preamp with Hicap and NAP or SN2 as a power amp with NAC 282?

Personally I’d take the 282 with the SN2 as the power amp. A better preamp with a lesser power amp tends to work better. You can then add a Hicap DR and then a 250.

@seakayaker may be able to advise here as he took a similar route.


There are a number of threads discussing adding either a preamp or power amp to a SuperNait.

I had a SN 2 with HiCap DR and added the NAC 282 first and moved the HiCap DR to power the 282. A short time later I purchased a two year old NAP 250 from my dealer. A lot of other members have done the same with upgrading their SuperNait. Some go with the preamp first and others the power amp first. In both cases everyone I have read reported a enhancement in the sound to their system.


Thanks a lot ! Always great to hear from member who did same thing i want to do.