Supernait 2 VS Nait XS3?

Anyone has compared these two? Preferably with Spendor A7’s but any other speaker is also OK.
They say the XS3 improved on bass compared to the XS2 so does it get close to the SN2 or is the SN2 still the superior amp?


In a recent magazine review they pitch the XS 3 very close to the SN2 in terms of solidity and bass power. I guess what one could be asking themselves is would your speakers benefit from the extra muscle the SN2 provides? Do you intend to use vinyl? what is your current source? what is your budget and where do you intend to end up?

Sorry for the many questions but those are things i would consider if i was torn between those two amplifiers. Also can you find a good dealer who will be all too happy to let you have a listen to those two amps? Maybe even a SN3.

No problem for the many questions!
I am wondering whether the SN2 would bring some more punch and impact over the XS3 for my Spendor A7’s. The space is rather larger. Bass depth is good with the XS3 but punch could be a bit more, but maybe that is just the A7’s character? Compared to the Russell’s Red 120 I had before there is much less the punch from drums (I guess call mid-bass?)

I don’t use vinyl, and I could sell the XS3 and for the same money find a SN2.

The source is at this moment an Bluesound Node 2i (same as with the Russell’s) very very very soon to be replaced by a Naim DAC with Allo OR a bare ND5XS2 (haven’t decided yet).

I tried a Nova on them as well but things became a slightly boomy (this also happened with the Russell’s). The XS3 + ND5XS2 (I had on demo before) sounded tighter and better controlled than the Nova.

Ok let’s try and tackle this from another angle. Don’t take this the wrong way but i’m willing to guess that your current system maybe tipping into ‘mullet’ territory. I don’t think a SN2 is going to solve it. I would most definitely be looking at a better source first. A ND5 XS 2 punches well above it’s weight and would be the most obvious candidate here. It will help to provide your front end with more punch and power, allowing your XS 3 to really flex it’s muscles thus driving your A7’s with more authority, weight and control. I’d say your weak link here is your source, i would look to improve that first, before going for a bigger amp.

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I agree with @Stephen_Tate, your source is holding you back. I like the Bluesound app and the 2i is not bad, but you are on another level with your amp and speakers.

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That is definitely gonna happen.
Still need to decide in which form but either way it’s (the source) gonna be upgraded within the next 7 days.

I have an option on a ND5XS2 for €1600 which is an extremely good price. On the other hand I can also choose a Naim DAC for €1200 (from 2013 and incl. 6 months warrantee) and an Allo Digione Signature + Shanti €550.
I am really in doubt what to choose between those 2 offers…
I can’t try out the DAC + Allo cause nobody I know or any dealer I know has the Allo

nDAC is a rather dramatic upgrade DAC-wise from the ND5XS2. It uses the same DAC architecture as the CD555 and NDS. And it allows you to add a power supply later to upgrade it.

I have an nDAC and a non-Naim ps; musically/sonically it’s in the ballpark with an NDS with the same ps.

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What is your streaming source?

I would go for a ND5 XS 2. It will match your amp plus the streaming transport in it is the same as NDX 2 and N555. The world is then your oyster. Plus you will have the Naim app which is fantastic, It just works and integrates with all the popular streaming services, and the ND5 XS 2 will hold it’s value for a trade in. What’s not to like?

Chromecast Audio.

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It won’t sound as good as the nDAC.

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You can add a nDAC with an superior transport in the ND5 XS 2. Way better than Chromecast.

Chromecast Audio/nDAC/PS is better sounding than ND5XS2 or NDX2. IMS.

Lots of people around here have a hard time believing that about the $35 usd Chromecast Audio puck. I have a few but don’t use them regularly. When I throw one in now and again it’s hard to believe how good they sound and work when used as a transport via optical to your dac.

Are they better than the more costly options? Hard to say yes, but man are they a steal for the money. Especially when playing CD quality 16/44 streams. As you move up to say 24/96, sometimes you will get stuttering.


FWIW - I do not think you would be disappointed with either the XS 3 or SN 2 and believe both would drive your spender speakers. The Naim Streamer vs Naim DAC has been discussed at great length on the forum and search is your friend if you want to take the time to cull through the threads.

I owned a ND5XS with a XS 2 and loved it. Eventually moved up to the NDX, then NDX 2 with the SN 2.

If your not going with a TT then I would go with the SN 2. I would choose the ND5XS 2 over the DAC but that just me.

Do some research, do a demo if you can, if not make a decision and have fun along the way to the final destination… whatever that may be.


You mean a Chord TT?

No TT = Turn Table to play records not Chord related. The XS 3 has MM Phono Input so would support a turntable. If not heading in that direction I would go with the SN 2.

Sorry for the confusion…

Not a problem! I won’t go into the turntable direction. I just care mostly about the sound quality in combination with the streaming source that I’m going to end up with.

I agree with @seakayaker . I chose the xs3 mainly because of the excellent built in phono stage. If you’re not interested in vinyl the sn 2 seems the way to go.

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