Supernait 3 smaller bookshelf speaker?

Hi folks, using Supernait 3, Cyrus CDi, Linn LP12, standmounted Kef R3’s with NAC A5, room is 4m × 4m. R3’s are good but the room being small, the R3’s having a deep housing and being rear ported they have to be quite a bit out into the room so I always feel I am to near to them. I’m considering downsizing to smaller bookshelf/standmounted speaker that would work with the rest of my system and could be placed nearer the rear wall. Looking for something that’s more manageable size and decibel wise, reading on here maybe something like the Proac Tablette 10 Signature or similar in price range.

I have Tablette 10 Signatures in a room 3.6m by 4.5m and couldn’t be happier with them. They are about 9cm from the wall.


PMC are based on an ATL design with front ports, worth a listen also.


Hi, I have a pair of PMC Twenty5.23’s in my living room which is 3.6m X 3.6m and they are wonderful. I have them 21cm from the back wall and 78cm from the side walls. This puts them at 1.8m between tweeters. Imaging is bang on and base is all enveloping and very much overall balanced.


I’ve had Tab 10 and prefer Ophidian Mojo’s into smaller rooms.
Bonus, they don’t have annoying biwire terminals.
Worth a home dem.

If you can find some Naim nSats (only s/h as being discontinued)
they’ll work close to rear wall too.

Alchris new range AR 4, 6 or 8 (if your in UK) former Kralk

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Spendor 4/5 would be worth considering and fit your requirements well, would match well with the SN3 too.

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Another vote for the Spendor’s! Owned the 4/5’s and SN3 for a few months now and they sound great together. Definitely worth an audition.

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I have room similar to yours with SN3/HCapDR

I alternate between the stand mounts Neat Ministra’s and Neat Petite 30 anniversary model. Both have their merits , ministra’s great bass being isobaric design and Petites having a wider soundstage

They are a great match with Naim and don’t have to be too far out from back wall , I find best around 25-30 cms

Happy hunting



LS3/5a style speakers do work really well with the SN3. Graham/Chartwell, Rogers, Falcon, Harbeth, ProAc etc.


Funny how we hear sound differently jhsnider

I tried the falcon LS 3/5a’s with the SN3 and just didn’t do it for me at all

Could be room of course but not for me

I use Harbeth p3 esr with XS3 in a room 3.5 m square,very nice speakers for a small room.


How about the Neat Iota

I’m using Neat iota alpha in my small room (3 x 3.5 m) with my SN3. They have a very small physical presence but project way beyond what you might expect for such a small speaker.

Add Kudos S10 to your list?

Yes a good one Lindsay

There are so many excellent small loudspeakers out there these days

The only issue is the rear port, which the OP was trying to avoid. I remember a forum member needing to position them about a metre into the room to avoid bass issues.

The sealed box designs of ATC must be considered: SCM 7 or 11


Well HH I use the Neat Ministra and Neat Petite 30 anniversary which are both rear ported with the SN3 and they actually work very well quite close to the back wall

Different room perhaps

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I was going to pick up on that as well, Neat specifically state the Ministra is suitable for boundary siting, “The Ministra is a boundary design, intended for discreet close-to-wall placement.”

There might be generalisations, but you can still engineer speaker responses for a particular application I guess. And I’m not sure it’s a function of the isobaric aspect either, as Neat do not state the same for the larger Majistra.

Yes you are right gthack

I’m not familiar with the KEF R3 that OP has but I believe they are on the fairly largest size for a standmount

I use to have the Neat Momentum 3xi’s standmount which were larger than Ministra’s and I found the Ministra’s suit the room better

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