Supernait Servicing - options

Quick question folks… Im looking at the older pre loved Supernaits and wondered about maintenance as the I’m sure earlier models will be due for a refresh… Can someone please confirm the options for servicing Supernaits (any generation, but specifically a SN2). Is this a case of being shipped back to Naim HQ only, as I can’t see any reference to the SN on ClassA’s website - wondered if servicing was a factory only scenario due to their internal layout complexity and surface-mount components etc.

ClassA respond quickly to a direct email …

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Already emailed ClassA, but also wanted to ask the collective if anyone has gone through the process of having their early Supernaits refreshed.

I had my Supernait-1 serviced at Naim last year
I asked Class A for a price but they said SN-1’s have to be done at Naim HQ as there is software involved.
Turnaround was just over 4 weeks
It was returned with a job sheet, but it doesn’t include much detail …
Reported faults – Logo dull, slow Start Up
Faults confirmed – Logo bleed & failing BO cap
Replaced reservoir caps, BO cap, fitted jitter mod & updated to 01-04/01.03
Cost was £399 + £20 P&P


As you are asking about an SN2 in particular @YetiZone, it was first released in 2013. Even if yours is a 2013 amp, it does not need a service for another 5 years at least. I doubt you are even looking at an SN2 that old anyway, most i see on sale are 2017 onwards at the moment.
You have no need to even think about servicing yet at all.


@Mike-B & @kitfit1 Thanks both - very helpful indeed. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hope you don’t mind @YetiZone but I would recommend (again) looking into the SN3 if you fancy the big amps. To my ears they sound different (better) and you could have good use for their really excellent MM phono amp. For the money of a SN2 I would pick the XS3 but I know that’s a debatable personal preference. For any SN also budget for a HiCap DR you’ll want one eventually anyway.

But my main recommendation is to get a XS3 on loan for the weekend or 2 other days, and slot it in place of the Nait 2, turntable directly into amp. See what happens and how you like it, it’s quite a big (positive) change. That would give you a good reference point compared to what you know now with the Nait 2 and the UQ2. Then decide on better source, or more amp or both.

Nice to see your thought process developing, surely also a welcome distraction to make it through the upcoming house construction work :wink:

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@daddycool No problems at - really welcome the suggestions re amplifier choice. All perfectly understood re the difference between the XS3 and the early Supernaits, but my main reason for prioritising consideration to the SN is that I can foresee other Dynaudio speakers being potentially used in the system as I’m quite smitten with my Emits, and as most Dyn owners know, ideally they need a workhorse amp.

Funnily enough, I was also searching recent ebay sales of the Old Classic separates over the weekend and was quite surprised as to how much their values have dropped since the last time I paid them attention. So much so that I’m now also considering a pre loved 202/200 - the wonder (and curse) of Naim Lego!

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Just looked at Class A’s website - do they service streaming products as well? Or just pre/power?

Not sure… I’m assuming it is only the amps that he specialises in.

Here’s a link Richard posted last April.


Sorry - I should have said April 22 (not last April) for the link I posted.

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Correct. AFAIK @Darran can service most/all of the ‘older’ NAP’s, PS’s and NAC’s.

He has serviced my 250, 140, HiCap’s, XPS and 82.


Brilliant, thanks Dave - I’d missed that post somehow.

Funny you mention 202/200 @YetiZone because I was about to also suggest an OC pre/power combo! (but didn’t want to make things too complicated :slight_smile: )

Did some reading here on that even, I believe the sweet spot combo to aim for is then the NAC282 (which includes a NAPSC) with a NAP200 DR, no HiCap needed. The power amp has been easy to find at relatively little money for a while now. The pre-amp should now be more available in all the OC/NC system changes. When you go to that level amp the source becomes a lot more critical though.

Yes good thinking about bigger Dynaudios needing enough amp. For the Emits you have now “even” the XS3 will likely blow your socks off. But for the Dynaudio Contour 20i - some mighty fine larger standmounts - you should never go below NAP200 / SN3 indeed.

We 'll learn more in due course about where your system planning is leading you. What system in which room, and also all-digital, all-analogue, or need for a hybrid system, makes a big difference in the choices. System planning, end-game planning, is a very sensible way to save money and effort. It’s just that often one need to try things to learn where you want to go.

In that context, something that I haven’t seen you mention, is saving up and going straight for the NC combo of 222/250. With for speakers something like Evoke or Contour standmounts to succeed the Emits, depending on remaining budget. Has an upgrade path with the 300 power supply but appears to be mighty fine without it as well. Did you hear them at the hifi show recently?

All that planning is also fun, good luck!

@daddycool I generally prefer the simple approach with just a decent source (or two) and an integrated amp, but the used prices for the Old Classic pre / powers simply can’t be ignored at the this moment in time and it is something I’m seriously thinking about.

Likewise the NC 222 is an option for that same reason of keeping it simple but with a different approach incorporating the streamer & pre in one, but an NCS222 would have to be paired with a NAP200 firstly (due to cost) while I save for a NC250. Although, this approach does not allow for experimentation and maximising out the digital source if future funds ever allow. Yes, I did hear a full NC200 system at the Acoustica show, but was slightly disappointed as that system was being used with Focal speakers as opposed to Dynaudio, but sounded ok, but no where near as good as the 300 system at full chat with the big Dyns!

I’m a touch reticent about buying a 282, purely in terms of opening up too much of a window and exposing my RP6 - which I’ve decided will stay for now, as I was anticipating changing for my next upgrade, but as i’m listening more and more to digital these days that will plan will be shelved for now.

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Thanks @YetiZone, some good deliberations going on!

In case you missed it this review from @garcon may help (or confuse) you further:

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@daddycool Ah, that’s great, I’ll read through that thread later.

Yes, lots of deliberations! Have to admit, as well as eyeing up the tremendous value for money New Classic options, a part of me is also wanting to hold off and see what Naim launch in the first half of 2024.

The only risk of doing that is the potential for the ‘black box stash’ to get swallowed into a contingency fund for the house renovations - gulp.

200DR/202/NDX - start with that for 3k-ish

Get the HiCap and Stageline for your birthday and Christmas, respectively.

Hell, keep the UQ2 as the streamer for a while if funds are tight. You’ve got a great upgrade path where you’re starting from.

You’d be happy with any combo of that.


Thanks @Maury_Finkle The first NDX is an absolute bargain at the moment and is tempting, but the greater future proofing of the NDX2 and ND5 XS2 also appeal, albeit at greater expense.

Are you happy with your NDX (from your profile)?