Supernait3 preamp for MC275. Possible?

Hello, Sorry if this is a very simple question.

I have looked at the manual and did not see anything pertaining this, or maybe it was not in a way i understand.

Im using a PS audio Premier + NDX2 + Supernait3. I am looking to add a tube amp (MC275, or a luxman or primaluna).

From my understanding its possible to use the the supernait 3 as a preamp out but i would need a din>RCA cable to run from the sueprnait3 to the tube power amp. This true or am i way off?

pretty new to all of this, everything is helpful!

You can use rca interconnects from the subwoofer out connections.

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Ahhh interesting. Good to know. I assumed that was only putting out certain freq. So that doubles as the pre-amp out so it just a volume knob.

Yes, it’s simply pre out via rca. “Subwoofer out” is not telling the complete picture.

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beautiful. thank you!

If you want to use RCAs you can use the sub out, and if you already happen to have a decent RCA cable, it’ll be fine. Naim amps generally prefer DIN though, so my first choice would be a 4 pin DIN to phono. You can use the biamp output for this.

I will be using qed reference 40 RCA’s.

OK so you are saying, use the 4 pin din out (biamp) to the RCA input on the MC275 correct? Sorry if i am misunderstanding

Yes, Naim gear is designed around DIN connections, and it’s generally best to use them where possible for best sound quality. Still, if you already have a suitable RCA cable it’s fine to use that instead. You can always get a DIN to RCA later if you feel the urge.

ah, this is perfect information. Thank you very much!

Any suggestions on a din to rca cable? I’m not seeing any made by a familiar brand.

There is no sonic advantage in going from Din to RCA. One loses the Din advantages when not going Din to Din. It’s the same as going from balanced to RCA. That said if you want to try tubes I think using a tube integrated is a better choice. A Naim SN3 isn’t a good match as a preamp except with a Naim power amp.

And you didn’t mention what speakers you use. That would be very helpful to know.


I have focal chora 826s

That’s good to know about the cables thanks!

So your Focal’s are nicely efficient at 91db and a nominal 8 ohms but drop to 2.9ohms I think if you really want to try tubes a Primaluna integrated would be a great choice with the Naim as the front end

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I was looking at primaluna or luxman but ended up with a mc 276 mk6 I found a deal on.

I will keep this in mind thanks for the info I really appreciate it.

Good luck. You do understand that a preamp and a power amp need to have both compatible output and input impedances and similar gain in order to not sound overly bright or dark or not have compatible gain structures or have some other sonic anomalies?

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Well I do now.

But I’m already 4.6k in the hole on it so. That’s where I am at.

Imagine it won’t sound to terrible.

There’s a pretty large vector between works and sounds “not terrible “ and works and sounds killer. Again, good luck.


True. Thanks again for the info. Appreciate the time to reply.

Naim’s own would be a good choice. See the FAQ on here. However, I have no idea how well (or not) they might work together. And bear in mind that of the two amp halves, the pre-amp is always the more important, and also much the most difficult to do well, so usually justifies the lions share of the overall amp budget.


What do you mean by this?

i will take a look at the FAQ thanks.

I have read that people have used the NDX2 > AMP and have had good results since the NDX2 has its own volume and puts out 2volts (?). So thats something i can try and see the the difference between the two setups.