Superuniti amp compared to supernait 2

Hello guys.
I’m currently looking for an amp to replace my old Rega Elicit - which closes in on it’s 30th anniversary real fast now. The most obvious option and easiest solution might be to just get myself a new Elicit as I have been very happy with the old one for such a long time. However as I started looking into other alternatives Naim sailed up quite quickly as a serious contender for conquering my heart. The most obvious choice then might be a supernait 2 as I’ve gathed it can be had second hand at not much more than a spanking new Elicit. This is the kind of budget I’m contemplating anyways, so an SN3 or NAC/NAP setup is out of the equation. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to source out a second hand SN2 yet, but I am currently looking at a later bluetooth model Superuniti. Information of this unit is however rather scarce. I find it as a discontinued product on the NAIM website with full description which is helpful, but I’m still wanting for some info and knowhow on it. On the NAIM website under the product description they state that the SU “combines technology from the NDX and the Supernait 2”. Also further down the page under “Technology & Craft” they state that the Superuniti sources its amp section from the Supernait 2. However somwhere else under “Features” it says that the integrated amp in the SU shares DNA with the Nait. Clearly none of these things are contradictory in any way, but I am still somewhat confused as there is quite a leap from the Nait to the Supernait 2, to say the least. How close is the amplifier in the SU to the Supernait 2 really? Nowhere during the product description is mentioned the use of DR power supplies for instance, such as is the case with the Supernait 2. I love the idea of the Superuniti as it incorporates the dac/streamer which will come in handy of course, but I am primarily looking for a competent amplifier more than a streamer actually. So my concern with the Superunit is that the amplifier section might not be all that it could be or sais it is. Or is it in fact a Supernait 2 with an onboard streamer basically? Anyone who can enlighten my confusion, please?
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I can not offer any comparison information but you may want to use the search function and type in Superuniti, and then do a second search on SuperNait 2 and you will find a lot of information. Search is your friend here and on the archived forum.

FWIW - I use a SN 2 and give it a very positive endorsement and you will naturally find a lot of others who love their SuperNait’s on this forum. Good luck with your decision and enjoy the journey…

btw… welcome to the forum! You can find users profiles by performing a mouse click on their user names and for most it will display their system configuration.

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If you just want an amplifier, the SN2 is the one for you. It will sound better than the SU. And please, use paragraphs!


The SuperUniti is better than most give it it credit, here. However if you don’t need the streamer and DAC then you should wait till a used SN2 becomes available. I’ve been tempted to get a SN2, but really like the all-in-one design which suits my needs.

A few years ago I had a quick listen to the SN2 and to me it wasn’t a night and day difference compared to the SU. But it was better, naturally.


The product timeline, and other info I have found confirming the dates, shows the superuniti was released 2 years before the sn2 (end 2011 vs 2013).
I had a home demo of the su but bought an Xs instead. It was a good unit but I didn’t think the amp section to be superior to the original xs.

If you are in the uk then do what I did, put a request for an sn2 to a well known pre loved Naim dealer and they’ll let you know when one is coming into stock.
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I currently own a Superuniti and it sounds very good and is incredibly versatile, and convenient, because of all the various sources of music you can access at the touch of a button in the Naim App; and the one box, no cables, design.

As good as it is, however, I have a Supernait 2 arriving tomorrow via Canada Post. I will use the Digital section of the SU thru the SN2, and I’m pretty positive that the SQ will take a noticeable jump.

I have reconditioned Kef R107 speakers, with use a small type of equalizer called the Kef Kube, which is actually an extension of the crossovers. The SU does not have a Maim amp input, so I have not been able to use the Kube in my setup, and the R107s definitely require it’s use , as the bass absolutely sucks without it, and is extremely good with it. So now, with the SN 2, I can use the Kube again because the SN 2 has both a pre out and a main in.

But, like I said earlier, I truly believe that the SN 2 has a better preamp and amp section than the SU. I will also eventually sell the SU and get an NDX 2 when $ allows.

So really, it all comes down to how much $ you have available for gear at the time.
So … no $ issues; then SN3 & NDX2, medium $ issues; then SN2 & NDX2, kinda tight right now; then Superuniti. And you’ll be thrilled with the sound and convenience of the SU, until you can afford the SN2 with an NDX2.

Hope this helps, and best of luck with whatever you do.
And yes, paragraphs are a great idea as well.


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You must’ve had a broken unit. My SU was made in 2017 and has all sorts of power. I agree if the OP just needs an integrated he should go SN2 if he can find one. But if he’s considering a streaming platform and funds are limited the SU is a great proposition and puts him on an economical upgrade path as well.

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No not broken. Demo unit from a Naim dealer. But I wasn’t prepared to switch from a multi box CD player / preamp / mono blocks to a single component, so chose an integrated instead. I didn’t have them side by side, but my recollection was not that the su was superior amp wise to the Xs.

Edited to add: My mistake it was the uniti 2 not the superuniti I trialled; the one incl a CD player. That explains my experience. The uniti 2 borrowed from the 5si so was a lesser amp cf the Xs.
The superuniti borrowed from the original supernait not the sn2. The copy on the website is I think incorrect.

Thanks a lot guys, and sorry about the lack of paragraphs in my original post. Will for sure try to comply with that requirement in future posts. Allow a rookie one mistake, please :slight_smile:

First of all; basically I am looking for an amp, and in this respect I acknowledge that an SN2 is the most obivous choice for me. And quite honestly the preferred choice. I have been contemplating the XS3 as well, but even this amp is between 30 and 40 % up on the price of an Elicit-R, and as such outside my preferred budget.

Reason why I raised the question in the first place is the presence of a tidy and quite recent SU in combination with the lack of any SN2’s in second hand listings around my parts. And no, I do not live in the UK - where second hand naim gear is more readily at hand, I’m suspecting. I live in Norway and although there is some Naim gear changing hands every now and then SN2’s have not been too frequent in listings lately. So faced with the possibility of getting hold of a tidy SU now rather than hanging around waiting for someone to put up their SN2 for sale later I found it prudent to ask for qualified input first. Hence my non-paragraphed posting.

I am by no means in a hurry and the cool part of my mind tells me to just hang around and wait for the right moment when I can grab a good deal on an SN2, whereas the hotter parts of it tells me to get on with it and just move ahead without hesitation. All things sums up to me having a bit of a moment trying to make up my mind. I need a new amp - sometime not too distant into the future, and I’m also going to need a streamer to play music that I don’t necessarily need to aquire on vinly. From the outlook of it then the Superuniti looks like a bargain giving me a SN2-like amp with onboard streaming capability. The backside of it is my fear of being sold short on the amplifier part, should it prove to be much less than the SN2. What it all sums up to really is the question about the quality of the amplifier in the Superuniti.

The one other consideration is the older network technology on the SU streamer. That may or man not be important for you but something to consider in your decision.

Good luck…


I have a Uniti2 (one down in the range from the Superuniti) and a SN2. They are both very capable, but the SN2 is quite a step up as an amp. Ultimately, either have the level Naim sound and are great performers, but you get what you pay for at the end of the day. If the amp is the main consideration, I would go for the SN2 and add a streamer later if desired. Bt if you can only afford the Superuniti, then that would be great too. Good luck!

The superuniti inherited from the sn1 not the sn2. You might wish to read the what hifi review online.

That’s in no small part due to the higher-power amplification on board: whereas the original NaimUniti was closely related to the company’s ‘5’ Series products, the SuperUniti draws on its SuperNait amplifier, having an 80W per channel output.

In fact, the SuperUniti combines elements of the UnitiQute, the Naim DAC and the SuperNait, meaning it has the high-quality digital-to-analogue conversion of the DAC, the power stage of the SuperNait and the flexibility of the UnitiQute.

Have you considered having your rega amp serviced?

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And again, from the website.

Superuniti was released late 2011. Supernait 2 was revealed in June 2013. I suppose it’s possible that the amp stage is common to both, assuming they were in development at the same time, and obviously the official press release cannot mention a future product without spoiling later announcements.

Anyway, we are getting sidetracked. Given the apparent low availability of Naim kit in Norway, and there’s a mint superuniti looking for a new home, I’d probably jump at that assuming the price is favourable.

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The amplifier section in thr Superuniti is very good. I believe that the SN2 amp is somewhat better, but part of the different in SQ between the SU and SN2, is due to the pre amp section in the SN2, which is a bit more like the 552.


Oh, and welcome to the Naim Audio Community, btw.


I’m going with Naim’s specific words here, no need to speculate.

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The supernait 2 didn’t exist when the superuniti was released. Read the review from whf which clearly states the original sn as reference. Unfortunately I can’t pop downstairs any longer and ask!


Yeah, me too …
I mean, Jeez … It’s printed right there. Anything else is circumstantial!

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Here’s the superuniti page in 2012, just says “supernait” because the 2 didn’t exist.