Superuniti and Nap 250

Hello everyone,
I currently use a Superuniti connected to a pair of Dynaudio excite x38s. When I listen to music loudly I am satisfied with the result but when I lower the volume to 18 or 20 the sound appears less detailed.
Do you think adding a Nap 250 dr could improve low level listening?
Thank you for your responses and feedback.

250DR is a massive step up on the SU amp, and it will have much more control over your speakers. This does help some with low level listening.

But the SU pre is then really outclassed.

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I also wonder if a simpler solution would not be to change the speaker for the ube pair, smaller and easier to drive for the Superuniti…

If you are happy with the Superuniti as a streamer, after adding a 250 you might consider trading it in for a 272. This should be more or less cost neutral and although the two devices are very similar, the 272 with no redundant power amp would be a better pairing with a 250.

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If the objective is more dynamic low level listening then how about trying a small subwoofer. Can be quite handy adding a little dynamic range at lower volunee.

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The theory of adding a NAP is fine, tried with both SU and Nova and it did not stay.
If you are used to playing loud, you may find that your speakers do that well and lower levels are an issue, which a NAP may not solve. Adding a NAP will, as mentioned show the weakness of the preamp of the SU.
Have you tried small adjustments to speaker positions or your listening position - worth a try if an option?
If you are purchasing a NAP, consider auditioning a Nova, which with trade in, likely similar cost. The Nova is an improvement over SU, although not drastically so.
A cheaper option, if it appeals, is to use headphones for lower level listening.
I can appreciate going from louder volumes to lower, may give the impression of a loss of detail.
As always, auditioning whichever solution you pursue, is in the circumstance, certainly necessary.


Thank you for your answers. I think I will first try to optimize my installation. and can possibly treat the listening room.