Superuniti blue tooth v non bluetooth

Hi all,

Does anyone know if there is any real difference between older SU and more recent ones. It seems that the addition of blue tooth happened around 2015. Is there any other differences the 2 apart from that?

Apart from Bluetooth, there are no variants of the Superuniti, so if you are considering an older non-Bluetooth version it should be fine.
Obviously an older model might need a service sooner than a newer one, but that’s another matter.
Make sure the firmware is up to date or some functions may not work.

ChrisSU, thanks.
Any idea the latest/last version was/is ?

The latest is version 4.7

Just to add that the SuperUniti is a real steal right now. You don’t need Bluetooth unless you are going to use that method of connection. The later modes add nothing else.

I have two of the non-Bluetooth SuperUnitis and they really are excellent.



Guys, thanks for your help.
David, yes they are a steal ATM. So much so that sellers on a well known auction site daren’t start auctions at 99p anymore !
Naim’s new ranges really does destroy resale of earlier stuff. SN2’s & NDX’S are huge bargains second hand too.
I’m pondering on a 2015 SU at 1600?


Hi Ray

That strikes me as a little bit high unless you are buying it from a Naim dealer. I paid £1450 for my most recent one which is 2014 and I bought that from my local Naim dealer who put a three month warranty on it and as I picked it up from the shop there was no delivery charge. I thought that was about £100 above the going rate but I paid it for the convenience and assurance of buying it from a dealer I knew.

But even at £1600 it’s still a bargain.



I bought a 2012 SU 2 years ago on Ebay UK for about £1600 (with warranty), sold it this year to upgrade to a Nova. The SU was absolutely wonderful considering the price though, i can seriously recommend it to anyone looking for a great sounding streaming unit in the 1400-1600 price range. The only thing you might want to be cautious about is that the SU range can suffer from the classic “Naim hum”, so if you have the opportunity to listen to it in detail that would be the best scenario.

Am I right in thinking that the DAB/FM was an optional add-on with a further cost ?

No, it was standard on the SU.


Just picked a 2016 model for 1499. Not bad eh?
Anyway, version is 4.4, what’s the easiest way to update to 4.7?


Sounds a bargain. You can go straight to 4.7 from 4.4. The download is on Naim’s website. It’s straightforward to do but you should read the instructions carefully. If you have any problems, post here and there are lots of us who can advise you.


If it’s not seeing the hires folder on the unitiserve, is that because it’s needs the update. And if so, surely hires worked when it was new using 4 4 ?
It sees and plays them if you select ‘all music’ but only plays back in 44.1 ?

Correction…it is seeing the hires folder on US but only playing back in 44.1 rather than 192.

Yes hires works fine on 4.4 so updating the firmware to 4.7 won’t change that.

If you play a high res file, what does the app “now playing” screen report it as playing at?



Also when you say “the hires folder on the US” I assume you mean the downloads folder? Is that right? Or have you somehow put music files into the music/HQ/ folder?



Yes, meant the downloads folder.
And, the now playing is only showing 44.1.
The US has just had the hard drive replaced at Naim, they moved all the music across from broken harddrive, I wonder if it’s something there ?
Also, the SU is playing 192 through USB?
I’m gonna put laptop on and launch desktop client to view properties of hires stuff.

Ok, so you can’t see properties on DTC, but I have another shortcut on my laptop that shows my network attached music(US) if I click on a hires album, it does say in brackets 192khz-24bit FLAC, and each album is around 2.5GB. So I assume it’s something else?

Ok. So I’ve just tried a hires file from US on the new muso 2nd gen using ethernet. The now playing is showing 44.1.
Could it be a setting in the US that needs changing ?

Odd. I don’t think it’s your SU. I would suggest having a chat with Naim about the US, although I don’t know what setting might need changing. @Adam.Zielinski any ideas??