Sustaining Naim CDPs - An Appeal

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Is it worth buying replacement laser etc to bank just in case?… I have a lovely cdx2 and xps dr combination that I would hate to lose!… any advice from Naim would be welcome… Gavin Miller

Gavin - you could ask Naim.

A replacement laser from Naim is not an option, they are unavailable, unless a distributor has inventory. Available on ebay but dubious quality.

Following on with this discussion, as the replacement mechanism for my CD5 is becoming rarer would a move to say a Unitiserve or core give a better chance of longevity? Also how would sound quality compare?

Problem with that Mickey is that neither will act as a player only rip. But as they use Teac drives one assumes that they will be supportable.

Forget the idea of Unitiserve. It uses Windows XP embedded which is not supported by Microsoft anymore. It’s fine if you already have one, but if you want to get into local streaming then they are much better ways to do it (the best if the main options being a UnitiCore or a NAS running upnp software).

Thanks David. I’d be very tempted with a Core if it played CDs as well as ripping like other manufacturers do.

The Core doesn’t play CDs unfortunately.

It rips a CD in two or three minutes and then plays it as well as most CD players would. But you would need to later delete the rip if it wasn’t your CD. Fortunately this is super easy to do.

I’m not up on this ripping stuff apart from some CDs onto my Astell & Kern for portable listening.

What happens if one doesn’t delete if its a borrowed CD (which is mostly not the case for me, but…) ?

Copyright breach, you can only make a copy of music you own. Or something, I’m not an expert, but suspect that’s the implication. I do not mean to belittle the issue either, paying artists fairly is in all our interests :slight_smile:

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Nothing happens. But legally speaking you have a recording you haven’t paid for, which is unlawful. But nothing happens. It will go on working. It’s just an ethical issue.

Personally I have a rule that if I rip something to my Core and listen to it more than once or twice, then I delete it or buy a copy which may not even get unsealed but the artist gets their share, whatever that is. So my ethical concerns are assuaged.

It doesn’t happen often as I also have a CDX2…


Thanks @davidhendon and @gthack…I just wondered.

I usually (ie 99% of the time) am using my own purchased CDs. I can’t remember the last time someone lent me a CD, tbh - but if I like it, I’ll buy a copy irrespective of if I want to rip it. And if I don’t particularly like it, ripping doesn’t arise!

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