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Hi all, my current set up is router to net-gear Gs105 switch to Adot (standard power supply) into Innuos Zenith into NDS.

I am contemplating adding a better power supply to the Adot but it’s not cheap…

  1. has anyone added a better power supply (Plixir) to an Adot and was it worth while
  2. is there a better solution to a switch than my current solution (netgear gs105)

Thoughts would be welcome

I heard the Adot with/without the Plixir at a Signals Melco demo, and it did improve the SQ, lower noise floor and more musical.
As for switches i use an Innuos Phoenixnet and Uptone etheregen……plenty out there at various price points.

I do not use adot devices, but two UMC-GA1F2T units (tuned by Gert Volk)
They do the same as the adots, but you can use different optical modules (they are plug-in here)
I played with different PSUs, just out of curiosity → well, technically I cant explain what happened but I trust my ears and have to say potentially there is a good chance to get better sound via better PSUs.
I got much better sound with an ifi wallplug on one and a bigger linear power supply on the other.
…and I mean much better, so imho its well worth a try.

btw I like the netgear. last year I tried Melco s100 with/out adot against netgear gs108 and aqvox with/out adot.
Best for money was aqvox (short ahead of netgear) with adot!
although Melco was better overall in Hifi terms - but not in „flow“ or „musicality“.
Best for now is aqvox with tuned UMCs.
Hope that helps

I have tried different power supplies, for my ex Unitserve, Netgear gs 105 switch, then Etheregen. For me the difference was each time very noticeable, even transformative. But the linear ps has to be of high quality to really see the difference. If not, it will be subtle, as for example the Israeli one on the Unitserve or the Uptone lps on the Etheregen.
The ones I can recommend easily : Uptone JS1 ( can power 2 items), the Hdplex 300, the top MCRU, and the Farad.
Sean Jacobs SR4 ( from many reviews) and the Sean Jacobs or Plixir ( see the search part of the forum). A good dc cable makes also a difference.

Hi folks, having working my way through switch confusion I have arrived at the below.

Sky Router via chord c stream into Cisco 2960
Cisco 2960 / via chord c stream into EE8 switch
Adot from EE8 into Innuos sever (melco ethernet)
Sever into NDS (melco ethernet)

Is this the optimum set up (not sure I have the ADOT in the right place?

Thanks and and guidance would be appreciated.

You seem to have a whole bunch of network hardware and cables located very close to your HiFi. Put it as far away as possible, preferably in a different room and on a different mains circuit if you can.

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That’s the idea with the EE8 and ADOT, they are close to the streamer.


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Bit of rats nest I know …. It is on a different circuit to HiFi though but agree it does need a tidy up!

I can probably get most if it in the cabinet just behind the main system

It looks like you have both ADOT units running off the same PSU via a Y cable which somewhat defeats the purpose. You isolate them via fibre and then connect them electrically together again.

I’d be tempted to get an SFP module for the Cisco and then you only need one ADOT converter.

and just connect this the ADOT converter.

Run the output of this ADOT into your Innuos server.

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Thanks James, I don’t fully understand. The two adot boxes are powered by the Plixir - is this not optimum and if not what is needed to be optimum - apologies for being a bit of a thicky but my brain goes to mush on all things technical….


It does work in this configuration……as i heard in a demo. What James is referring to it the “y” connection connects the in and out with the potential same noise source.
My home demo with this “y” connection ended in a no buy……probably unrelated.

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