Synergistic Research Ethernet Switch

Dealer called this morning its arrived in the UK and being delivered tomorrow.

A whileback i went near full loom by adding USB and Ethenet and speaker cables from SR, adding to power leads, fuses, speaker XFT and equipment supports.

This only left the Cisco 2960 with a Naim powerlead and a Miecord ethernet from that to my router.

System has remained unchanged for a few years, Naim Nova, Innuos Zenith and Audiophilleo SPDiF conveverter, clocker …

I have a good basline of my usual test tracks, so hoping to achive a straight switch swap without powering the system down.

Will feed back later tomorrow if my golden ears have gone platinum.

Well you have paid for it and are anticipating it, so no doubt it will be night and day difference :slight_smile:


I am looking forward to your review.

I am currently auditioning an Innuos PhoenixNET switch.

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£2,162.50 as well, so it better delivers!


Even worse then, I found it for that price online in UK

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I wanted the Innuos at launch, ut was annoyed they kept advising me to ditch the Audiophilleo converter, also that ethernet connection might come.

Their advise was but an m2tech, which does little compared to the Audiophilleo.

I call a spade a spade, like i did with the Fraim and many other box upgrades.

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What are your first impressions? I have it too. One of the best upgrades for money I have done in my system.
The PhoenixNet needs a long burn in, more than 200 hours. But even after 3,4 hours it was better vs my past Etheregen/ top MCRU ps.

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I’m tempted to quit my day job and start making hifi versions of the stuff we build at work for $20!
These boys must have margins we can only dream of :relieved:
Wishing you inky black goodness.


Yeah but, it has like some nice capacitors in it, so.

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The Innuos PhoenixNET switch I have on loan from my dealer is still in its break-in period. I put a Naim Power-Line mains lead on it, and I am currently rolling through various ethernet/streaming cables.

My initial thought is: It’s better than my old Cisco 2960 switch! (As it should be.)

frenchrooster, what ethernet cables are you using?

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Not 2 grands worth…
Don’t get me wrong, for those making these sort of investments in the refinement of their systems, if it brings improvements and the individual feels the benefits match the cost then fill your boots. I just find it mind boggling, working as I do designing and building network equipment, that a simple layer 2 Ethernet switch can command such a price premium.
I still enjoy reading about what others try and find regardless.

I use Audioquest vodka on mine……the switch does benefit from a burn in, the oven clock is sensitive……mine is permanently on.

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Agreed still unsure why i did it, but life would be boring if we all did the same thing the same way.

Coming upto 25 years of Naim ownership, this time i wanted to follow what i liked and not the upgrade ladder box approach first (been there done that).

Its refreshing to take a risk, sometimes it pays of other it does not.

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3 Audioquest diamond, from router to Innuos, then from Innuos to Nds and to Melco. ( all have 0,75 m length).

You have high quality linear ps by Sean Jacobs, OCXO clocks ……high quality capacitors.

See high quality capacitors I said that. I mean like 15 quids worth of capacitors but still. Look an old school transformer!

Looks just like an amp. I guess the design seeks to bind to the receptors in the pleasure center of the audiophile brain

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Perhaps @Michaelb can give more technical details.
All hifi components are overpriced and brands make good margins.
The Hicap dr , for similar money, is probably overpriced too.