System Automation and selecting DAC inputs on NDX2 with Supernait 3 front buttons

Hello everyone.
I am trying to work out if something is possible.
I have an NDX2 and a Supernait 3, connected with system automation - all working well for the obvious features
I very much like the front panel buttons on the SN3, to allow single press to eg select “AV”, “aux” or “Tuner”

Can the system automation feature be used to map “AV” or “aux” to one of the optical inputs on the NDX2, to allow me to connect the optical output of my TV, and have it be selected when I press “aux” or “AV” on the SN3?
So I can use the multiple digital inputs of the NDX2 without having to toggle them with the app, or on the front panel of the NDX2?
I’ve searched this forum and looked in the manual but can’t find it.

Your ndx2 is only connected to one input on the supernait (I assume you are using din-din), so you can’t switch input on the supernait and still listen to the ndx2.

I am using DIN-DIN, yes.
Thank you, I suspected this but hoped I was incorrect.

If it’s just for the tv, you could always buy a cheap optical input dac and not use the ndx2 extra inputs.

May be obvious but worth noting that the NDX2 input button on its remote allow you to switch. So for example my CD transport is connected to my ND555 so I need to change inputs on it to use a CD using its remote. System automation will switch the input of my 552 to the correct channel if I’d been playing vinyl on a different input.

That’s what’s there now! It’s got the convenience of pressing the button on the front of the amp, at the expense of another box, and not using the NDX2’s way superior DAC elements.

Just use the NDX2 remote to switch inputs, and leave the SN3 alone.

We have this setup on NDX2 into 252.

The NDX2 has two inputs we’ve created called TV and Vinyl.

“TV” simply selects the SkyQ optical input on NDX2 and moves 252 to the DIN input for the nDAC (CD).

Selecting “Vinyl” input on NDX2 forces the 252 to change input, to the Aux2 DIN where the Stageline is connected.

Starting Tidal, or reselecting TV input, moves 252 back to the DIN from nDAC.

You should never need to manually change SN3 input via front panel button.

But this is what I (and others whom I am beholden to… :slight_smile: want to do!
eg press button on amp to hear that source.

I think I might have misled you.
Do you have a cable connecting ndx2 and supernait? Not the interconnect, but a small cable for system automation?

I suspect when that’s in place, the ndx2 “sees” more inputs on the supernait.
See image here - I don’t have these “preamp 1/2/3 etc” visible.


Compare with image here: click link …

It’s this cable to join the two components, ndx2 and supernait.

Well I think system automation only seems to work from source to amp. I’d never even thought to try, since we never touch the amps. They are “way over there…” and SWMBO has been trained in expert use of the remote :laughing:

If I use NDX2 to change input to Vinyl the 252 switches to Aux2.

Pressing CD on 252 does NOT influence the NDX2, it still says “Vinyl” on display, not TV.

I think to do what you want via front panel input buttons you would need one physical device per input connected to SN3, but I could be wrong.

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