System Automation: Streamer control preamp?

Hey Naimers,

I recently acquired an NDX2, NAC202, and NAP200. The NDX2 and NAC202 both came with remotes. However, the NDX2 remote is much nicer - backlit, zigbee protocol, etc etc.

I’d like to control the NAC202 with the NDX2 remote, but haven’t figured out how. Any ideas?


There is a small lead with 3.5mm headphone plugs that connect the NDX2 and amp, then you set up system automation in the Naim App.

System automation needs to be enabled on the streamer too.

Any 3.5 mm lead will do. There is no audiophile version needed.


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Anyone have any ideas how to automate a 52?
When my system was updated / serviced all my boxes were moved into the stair lobby. I use an IR to manage access to the humax box for the tv. My dealer said I could do the same for the 52 but I did not want an extra IR unit plugged into the hifi side of the electrical side.
It’s not a big issue because it’s only a few steps to the lobby, but I feel sloth descending!

Can you arrange mirrors to reflect the IR beam to the 52?

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System Automation as discussed above is only available on Classic preamps, allowing the NDX2, in this case, to control preamp volume and input selection via the Naim app.
You may be able to use other IR remotes to control the 52, but I haven’t tried it.

No thought of murder just yet …

As I feared … I’ll just get some exercise during the Cricket World Cup

Thanks for the advice guys, but the only thing in the back of my NAC202 is an RC5 in. Do I need to get a 3.5mm to RCA for this to work?

Yes, you need a mono 3.5mm to RCA lead. The last one I bought cost less than £1 from an online retailer called Kenable, available in various lengths:


Reading this might help:

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It’s my understanding that a 52 isn’t naturally able to do this with a direct connection to the streamers.
Even early 252 pre-amps need updating (upgrading?) to be compatible for volume integration.
I know this is the case with my own 252, which I shall have serviced and updated when I (hopefully) buy an NDX2.

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Yes automation is one example of product improvement with later NAC models… the early classic NAC models did not reliably work with the streamers… though I found my early CDX2 has nonsuch issue.

Other users here have described it accurately.

3.5 to an RCA, then go into NDX2 app and select system automation. Select the correct preamp channel, and when I start up the NDX2, the preamp changes channel, and volume up and down works as expected.

I quite like it. I don’t mind the 252 remote (a bit small and underwhelming for an amp of that quality though). but all I do with that one is volume up and down.

I would like an ND555 remote to control everything though. That would be my end game. 1 remote to control both NDX2 and 252 that was metal with the quality of that one. Something like that would be quite nice. Always on volume control, and could switch channels on the 252, but also control the streamer when needed

I have all my system automation control done through my iPad, I rarely use the streamer remote

I use the the integrated Zigbee remote on my NDX2 to control my 552 volume and input selection via automation … I very rarely use the infrared remote.

I do everything from my iPhone. Roon app to control playback, and Naim app to control volume via system automation.

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