System Pics 2019

Just presume the System Richard has got better, looked lovely, probably me just not understanding the new forum. Nothing aimed at you…I just thought Richard Dane system of 10 years ago looked very nice.

Gazza, it has evolved a bit. Main changes are that I now run a NAP250DR, and the LP12 I still have but it’s sitting idle elsewhere as I’m enjoying the RP10 so much. The CDS3 I no longer have, instead I’m using the Meridian 200 (which you can see in the Fraim stack in the old system) and a Core into a Naim DAC. Oh yes, and there are few new things, like digital recorders and reel to reel decks that come and go.

I’ll post some pics of the system as it stands now, in due course. Need some decent light though, and for the new forum to settle in…


What digital recorder do you have?



Steve, I use either a Marantz PMD671 or a Sony PCM-D100. The latter is lovely but I need a tape interconnect with longer tails (Mark R has kindly agreed to help make one up for me) to avoid using two adaptors. The Marantz though is really good, will record at 24/96 and has excellent connectivity - uses RCA phonos in/out or XLRs, has coaxial digital in and out on RCA Phono too - it can be used just like a digital tape deck.

Here I was playing it through a Hugo, but normally it goes through the Naim DAC, even though the analogue output isn’t too shabby either.


Aah, Interesting. I have the exact same Sony. I bought it as at the time I was recording some stuff on the move as well as doing the odd vinyl transfer. I had an iChord made up for me by Chord to go from 5-pin DIN to 3.5mm jack. I’ve been pretty pleased with it. I only really record vinyl that’s almost impossible to get digitally.

I while back I was tempted by a Tascam D3000 as a potentially better quality and less fiddly more permanent fixture at home but couldn’t really justify the extravagance.

Good to know that your rate the Sony. Have you tried recording to DSD? Mine only supports the lower rate. However, I felt it was more musical sounding with better defined bass on the track I recorded compared to a 24 bit/192kHz PCM recording but at the time there didn’t seem an easy way to edit the files and add tags so I gave up in the end. This may well have improved now though, I don’t know.

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OK - few pictures of my systems

The main ‘library’ system:

Kitchen / dining room one




Steve, no I haven’t recorded in DSD yet, mainly because it’s not so easy to edit without conversion (AFAIK all editing programs convert to PCM and back again). So I tend to stick with PCM - 24/96 or 24/192. I do ensure that all processing, pre-recording and limiting is switched off as I have found this does make a difference. Similarly I only do minimal editing and no post processing, as again, this makes a big difference to getting best results.

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Lets share mine


I know I have sent this before just checking out whether it’s as easy as this seems :blush:

Piece of cake


And a rather lovely system pic too…

I thought I’d say hello on the new forum with a system pic of my main office listening rig. No changes in 2018 except the RP6 which allows me to play vinyl liberated from storage. My old 1990s Soundstyle rack also back in use to accommodate (and isolate) the RP6. Changes for 2019? Nothing fundamental (still saving and pondering on that one) but perhaps a new rack of some sort, possibly Quadraspire but will see.

System: Rega RP6, Ortofon 2M Black, Rega Fono2, Mac Mini, Naim UnitiQute2, MCRU No85, Nait2, Witch Hat N2, Monitor Audio R252, Heybrook HB1 stands, Soundstyle Tripod.


Well, that was much easier!



Welcome over G, yes picture posting is easy, maybe too easy & at the moment they can’t be edited, (size reduced)
Love the socks.

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Richard, agreed. DSD is too much of a faff. I only tried it that once out of curiosity but it was an interesting result for me nevertheless.

I don’t do any processing. If there are any pops or clicks - there are hardly any on my vinyl - they stay in the recording! I just split tracks and remove any long silence before the first track normally on the Sony D100 itself. I’m not fast enough to do the track marking ‘live’ when recording an LP so just leave it to record the whole side and then split them much more precisely afterwards.

Let’s see how this works… Photo taken some time last year, I guess.


Here’s my system. Its been seen before but the new forum gives me an opportunity to change my profile to the real me!. I was pixies on the old forum.


272/555DR/250DR/Allae/Phantom Speaker cable

Still have the Proac Tab 10 Signatures I may set these up within another system.


Ah ! Joan Armatrading.

I think “Willow” was my favourite track on that album.

(I’m referring to Richard’s opening post with his 2009 record collection in the foreground I haven’t figured out yet how to “Reply with Quote” or even with the whole set of photos !)

Please show more detail in the dark areas of the images, at the moment you are black cats in a coal cellar.

This will require the dark and mid tone settings to be movedto the right to reveal data in the dark areas of the picture.

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