System Pics 2019

Very sorry to hear that. I hope you and your community recover as soon as possible.


Good afternoon!
My system. Yesterday found the new house-Fraim. Today there will be happiness. Admit to the company. From Russia with love!


Welcome to the forum Alexsan
Hope you enjoy the conversations and discussions.

Где в россии? - I was in Sankt Peterburg last month.

wish you and your family and community best of luck and health…

Perfection is a mirage - i guess you know it well.

njoi the journey…


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My thoughts for you and your community.

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City of Belgorod.

Thank you Josquin! I will try to listen to this one.

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I bought a genuine Eames from the Swiss Vitra brand - hefty price but I love its classic looks… Behind you see my Uniti Nova with B&W 804 D3.


Now that’s a true music lover’s room Linton, fantastic!
Is that a portrait of young Bob Dylan next to Amy Winehouse? Who is the painter?

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To improve acoustics in this large condo, I glued white Melamine foam tiles behind the speakers and at the ceiling. A cheap solution which works very well. The cabinet contains the Uniti Nova, the NAS and TV receivers.


That is a stunning room, very nice!

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That is a stunning room I agree. I’d definitely have that listening chair facing and in between the speakers however. :joy::joy:

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just installed my new melco n1a2. Too large for my fraimlite, the ethernet cables at the back don’t fit well.
Running since 20 mn…


Great to see some D15s with their prominent copper ogives again Alex! Ageless jewels. :heart_eyes:

Chag -

Precisely! Very much I love them!

since yesterday Aqvox on the test.
Comparing with tp link, sounds definitely more detailed and it gives bigger scene - which means tp link for €20 was a bloody noisy switch :stuck_out_tongue:


try the cisco 2960 too. It gives real prat and body to the music. In the naim sound way.

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It’s my wife’s reading chair :wink:


What is your router Kacper? Are you with the Ziggo cable package?

Chag -