System Pics 2019

Yes there is: see audiocomponents .nl

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Thank you - it certainly puts a smile on my face when listening that’s for sure. I’ve had my LP12 for 38 years now so am beginning to get used to it😀


I also got 50 pics of the building proces. I will not share them here. Where is the best place to do that?


Just start a new thread in the hi-fi corner section - I’d love to see them myself.


I would love to see these pictures.


it seems not so easy. not an ikea cabinet :woozy_face:

Have you ever assembled an Ikea cabinet?

The last set of instructions I had from Ikea resembled a Daily Mail article i.e little to do with reality and somewhat disjointed


it must however be still harder to assemble this diy speakers, not ?
I had in the past assembled some ikea without major difficulties. But it may have changed in 20 years…

Hi Toon. I think I recognise your system from the Naim Facebook group. Looking good! :sunglasses:


Yesterday’s dream office is today’s sinkhole :flushed:

But at least I know where the Ethernet cables are…


Because Mr Agreeable says NO!!!

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:small_blue_diamond:@Mike_S,…Do I see correctly,.that you have got a water-damage.?

It looks like a broken copper-tube.
In Sweden,.it is forbidden to have hidden joints on water-pipes,but in older houses this is still common.


Yes, water damage. We think at this stage from the plug outlet on the bath above. Fixable, but will need to repair 1/3 off the ceiling and will probably add a ceiling hatch. Nothing compared to being in the Bahamas.

Wouldn’t go near flat packed myself. I never understand a manufacturer who expects me to buy something from them and then put it together myself. I do have a Quadraspire record cabinet, but my dealer kindly assembled it for me. Same with the Fraims. No IKEA in my cottage.

I know a couple of clever folk who built their own speakers and very good they are, but way beyond me, At school I was taught how to solve differential equations, but not how to use a screwdriver.


Oh dear. I came home to a kitchen ceiling like that earlier in the year. Currently my music room looks as bad but for different reasons - I’m just having three new spurs fed into the room.


Currently using this:
Moto G7+, Cyrus Soundkey and Shanling ME100s.

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Oh Mike, what a ghastly thing to happen. Hope things are back to normal asap - Ian


I made a right pigs ear of assembling the Quadrspire , now got it right.

I hope you can get everything fixed as soon as possible and that adding extra sockets etc., will make up for the inconvenience.