System Pics 2019


What a terrible view bet you keep the shutters down. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Beautiful view Chris


I’m confused. Are you referring to my picture or something else. If the former did you notice something you consider dodgy in the Fraim setup?


No @Richard.Dane was replying to my question about leveling a Fraim when it’s fully loaded with black boxes.


Got it. I used Richard’s playbook when I built mine. It’s solid, level, and even.


Dont know if you like other Decca recordings but over on the special offer thread, Qobuz have a box set of Decca recordings called The Decca Sound going cheap - see Music On Special Offer (its a link though its not obvious) for more details


Thank you, I do like Decca recordings and have some original and reissued LPs. However, I rarely buy digital remasters of analog recordings. I use TIDAL on my ND5-XS to preview things I might like to buy on vinyl, or I use it to play DDD recordings from TIDAL, or I stream hi-res files from a NAS.

Qobuz is still 2 days away from a U.S. launch (which is where I am), so I cannot yet access that special offer. It might not be offered to US customers, but IDK.


Annalogg…Love the floating wall for your TV. I am in the process of building one.
Would you be able to tell me how you did it and what materials you used?


Nice system Lindsay. What amplification have you got with those Kudos C20s/Super 20s? Thinking of getting a pair myself.



Thanks Paul.


Hi David, it’s simply a frame of 25mm timber battens faced with 12.5mm plasterboard and then skimmed to finish. I set the battens in by 15mm to give a shadow gap. Just make sure you also place battens where you intend to attach your TV. Great for hiding cables.



Thanks Steve for your reply. I have seen various floating wall builds on the ‘avforums’ website, but they mostly use 18mm MDF, which means filling and rubbing it all down to hide the joints and screw holes. Your idea sounds much better.:+1:
With the 12.5mm plasterboard, how did you finish off the edges?



Oh no, I wouldn’t use MDF, far too rough and a smooth finish would IMO be very difficult. A good plasterer should be able to skim the edges too. I would avoid corner eml as this wouldn’t give a level edge.

Here’s a closer image of mine…



Apologies to everyone whilst @DJM and I discuss the finer points of skimmed plasterboard :wink::thinking:



Thank you. They are S20s.

Full system in my profile but amps are 282/SC(DR)/250(DR).




Thanks Lindsay for confirming that. I have a 282/300DR system and was a bit worried that the Super 20A’s wouldn’t do the 300DR justice. This morning I spoke to Kudos, and the guy who was extremely helpful, said no problem with the 300, some people even use the S20A’s with the 500!:grinning:




Wow! Thats a very nice living/listening room! :heart_eyes:



Yes, the S20s were I understand “voiced” with a 252/300. Don’t ask to hear the 505 or 606 unless your credit card is very flexible!

A general point about Kudos speakers though. I have found them to be very flexible with regard to placement and can be powered with a range of amplifiers. The 808s will work well enough with a NAP 250 and at Bristol last year the 505s wooed people at the Bristol show with a Uniti.



Thanks Lindsay, that’s good to know about placement as my room is only 15’5" x 11’4" and the speakers have to fire across, not lengthways.
I have demoed the S20s before, but it was at a dealer. I bottled it and chose the PMC Twenty5.26 instead, as I got them for a ridiculous price. I now regret it as I feel they are a tad overbearing in my room.
I’m demoing the S20s on Saturday at my home, so fingers crossed:crossed_fingers:



Celebrating a new acquisition. My dealer sold a Clearaudio Goldfinger Statement cartridge to a customer, who had bought a Dynavector DRT XV-1s from him just last summer. It only has a couple hundred hours on it, at most. I think less. As soon as the dealer had it back in the shop he offered me to take it home for a try (nice to be trusted like that with $5650 cartridge). I have a Clearaudio Concerto V2 and he knows I’ve been thinking about an upgrade, but I was thinking more along the lines of a Stradivari V2 or a Benz Micro Gullwing SLR. Didn’t take me long. I installed it the DV last Friday and have been playing it ever since, every chance I get. While playing Solti/LSO Mahler’s 2nd on Decca the other day I realized I couldn’t return it. I bought it today.