System Pics 2019


I am SO jealous of your room and system.


Nice :heart_eyes:


Great pics and system


Ya sure?




Very nice - I must say the Focals look great in that colour combination.


Thanks James, quite a bit or effort choosing a replacement for the PMC Fact 8’s. The focals have a very different presentation that suit my room better than the fact 8’s did - less attacking and high end tst, tst, tst, siblince that was becoming quite fatiguing



Magnificent :+1::+1::+1:


Do the pinecones at the back reduce electrical interference?:grin:


What’s that beauty on the right under the TV?


Thank you.:slight_smile:


What make are your speakers?


Looks great. Love the art work, too.


Radford STA15. NAP160 actually has similar sound, but I’ve not had a chance to do in-depth comparisons.

It used to show my previous Audiolab a clean pair of heels.

Turntable is Garrard 301 bought in the 90s for peanuts just before prices went through the roof!


Daughter playing with pinecones :grinning:


It’s insane how much they sell for nowadays. I guess the original owners who sold them have come to that moment in life that they have plenty of ££ and want to relive the earlier years :grin:


These are DIY speakers. Called Vifa Vivace '94.


What are the model of the speakers…Look amazing. oh and I also this the wall art is superb…


I think they are Focal Kanta 2s. Very nice sounding speakers, and easy to drive.