System Pics 2019


Thank you very much! The room is about 10x13 m. I didn’t audition the Sopra 3s, couldn’t have afforded them. Couldn’t really afford the Sopra IIs, but after hearing them I was unable to resist, and threw caution to the wind. Ditto for the 300 DR. Come to think of it, same for the combination of NDX 2 and PrimaLuna. I’m not very good at moderation am I?


Great system and room…


The S40’s are great speakers,and I really enjoyed my time with them(about six months).I would of kept them,but my dealer offered me his own Sopra 1’s,which were like new,for about half MSRP,and I have two other pairs of Dynaudio,so I wanted something different.No need to question how good they are.


Don’t forget to turn the stove off


Jas, I’m not up to your level of gear, so I’m probable not the right one to give advice on this. Just made the comment since I know that the transformers have significant effect on the cables and the Nac. But I would try to put the Nac on top, also since it it on a more convenient level to use there.



Well, that looks nice…


Sounds great too - couldn’t resist posting it.


You should make it your avatar pic, it’s beautiful.


Great idea - thank you ! :slight_smile:



your system is gorgeous and I understand perfectly the need to move some furniture to take the picture. I have no issue with you or with your system. Nor, I care to specify, am I envious or jealous of anyone or anything. Who thinks so does have an issue of some kind.
So – although I think you caught it all in the first moment – I only make it clear that my post was a simple outburst of my weirdness, which some days wakes up before me, and shapes my day.



May I add that spiders are not my favorite living creatures, even though I do my best not to kill each one I see?



Woah, what cartridge is that? That’s something very different?


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Wow, that’s quite something!


Evening Max, no need to explain yourself, everyone is entitled to their own opinion :slight_smile:

I have never been offended by anyones comments, it just tickled me as to what you really thought of our front lounge.

Kind regards



Nice dog, and room and system


My set up today.
Atom and Audiovector QR3. Rel woofer S3





I’m about to upgrade to
Nd5 xs2, nait xs and Audiovector SR3.