System Pics 2019


Think I am about to go through a similar process. With an attractive upgrade offer from 200DR to 250DR from my dealer, I was thinking about where to go from my pair of Focal 906. So next Friday will listen to the ATC SCM 11 and Dynaudio S40 driven by both NAPs and seek to make a call.


Would be interested to hear what your impressions are…


272 with XPSDR - replaced the 172XS a couple of years back and added the XPS last year - very happy with what it delivers


How do you like the Core into the Mojo? How does it compare to, say, your LP12? I have a Qutest and occasionally think about getting a Core for a variety of reasons, but my concern is whether it will be on par with my other sources - CDX XPS and Rega P6. I don’t have a competent dealer near me so unfortunately I can’t audition.



I bought the Core/Mojo this year to replace my 25 year old Naim Cdi which finally died. I absolutely love the Core/Mojo. I auditioned vs. Naim NDac and Chord Hugo2. The NDac was best, but i need to buy a new cartridge soon and wanted to spend less money. The Core seems to have been optimized for sound quality. Even with the inexpensive Mojo, and the adaptors you need to use to get the Mojo to work in a traditional non headphone setup, the sound quality is amazing. Way better than the Cdi and reasonably close to the NDac. I have tons of cds ripped and also quite a bit of 24 bit hig res also and the system sounds grewt with all of it. Great PRAT, good soundstage and imaging as well. You can listen for hours - nothing irritating - which is a problem with a lot of digital. Vs LP12 and Sony RTR the two analog solutions are still better than the digital. But it is no longer religion…i am more than happy to spend a full Saturday all digital these days. I think the Mojo is able to achieve this at this price due to the battery. No investment needed in smoothing out power from the grid.


Hmm… too much. The price of any audio component depends on where you get it. There are huge differences from country to country. You can easily check this over the internet. It’s generally to do with the distribution setup (how many intermediaries before it gets to you) and also ‘what the local market’ bears. Also, items such as cables and cartridges usually carry higher margins than, say, main components (speakers, amps etc.). Generalising, of course.


A close up of the Kudos 808’s.


The longer legs arrived to level things up a bit! Much more visually appealing.

More importantly it is further away from the wall and on higher base legs. The cable dressing is much improved. It is sounding the best it ever has, in part due to setting the earth to chassis on the nDAC (CDX2 used as transport) and getting the plug order better.



That racking is attractive, Phil, as are the Sopra 2s. I particularly like them in metallic black.


And three polar bears with a supercar each…


Thanks Mike. Beginning to feel able to listen to the music, but I do like Roon so I maybe will buy a Zen of some description!

I do like the Sopra 2 (probably also 3s!). I have found that through all the recent ups and downs that they just deliver what they are given. Plug order being very significant, even to vinyl replay.



PB- Your 808’s are out in the room a bit there…did you try them closer to the wall? My T88’s are 24" from my wall and they seem to like it there. Derek is glueing a pair of 808’s together for me atm. My local dealer has recommended we try them at about 18" out when we do the install. Just curious if you tried yours closer to the wall and what your impression was…Oh, and is that the red tineo or the standard? They look fab:) Please reply when you have a chance-I know that you have your hands full with those supercars


Morning Mark,

Yes, my 808’s are a fair way into the room. You need to understand my room, those corners suck the life out of the speakers as @lindsayM and I found out when the 707’s were here on trial. Moving them out by a foot made a big difference. I also found with the ART’s that bass can boom if speakers are too close to the corners.

They are red Tineo speakers, as you can see we have a fair amount of red in the room. I like to see speakers and I like to make a focal point of them.

Kind regards



Yes, I have a liking for red sportscars Max, especially two seater convertibles. I think nothing looks better :slight_smile:


Thanks PB- I will have to do some experimenting with placement when they finally arrive. All good fun :grinning:


My rears are 35 inches from the rear wall. Maybe a bit too far out into the room but then there is very little to fault with where they are now.

If I am feeling strong I may play around with them :blush:




The Bear makes a very valid point with regard to placement near corners. In my experience corners have as more negative impact than the rear wall.




Great to hear. Thank you very much for the detailed reply. Your comments are very relevant to me as I am running systems that are fairly similar to yours - 32.5/hc/250 and 72/hc/140. I know a lot of people say save your money and do NAS with a ripper instead of buying a core, but I have zero interest in becoming an expert in computer audio, and I am very conscious of the importance (for my tastes) of the synergy that comes from an all-Naim system. If the Cord plus ndac (or Qutest until I can locate an ndac) can in fact get pretty close to the performance of the CDX XPS - and it sounds like maybe it can - then that would be a good proposition for me.



@Matteo Sorry Matteo, but I took the liberty and brightened things up a bit. Hope you don’t mind.