System Pics 2019


I’ve just added the XPS DR to my 272 and am also very happy with this setup.


Hi Paul…What can you tell me about the floating wall that your TV is hung on? I am in the process of building one.

Cheers David


I think you will be happy. I have network issues - dropouts on cable tv and on my naim miso qb- did not want to deal with that at all on my primary system. Core is great for this configuration - I have tons of music on the 8TB drive. Qutest should be as good or better than Mojo but I haven’t heard it. Best of luck with this


PB the 808’s are Simply gorgeous in that colour, very good choice. If they sound half as good as they look, they must be something…



:small_blue_diamond: POLARBEAR,…Great to see someone who doesn’t have their music-system,…or a large piece of furniture between the speakers.

I am amazed to see so many here,…with these things between the speakers.
Thought that most,on a High-End forum like this,… knew that this limits the soundquality significantly.

:black_small_square:Naim should have a fixed department with installation-advice on this forum.

I do not really understand why it has not already been around for many years,here at Naim’s own forum.
This is more important than investing in expensive appliances.

Or turn it this way,…the investment in expensive appliances is wasted,unless the installation is properly executed.
This will never give you the full potential of the product,or the music-system.

But this is probably a topic to discuss in a new thread.

/Peder :slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t tend to look at this thread too often. I feared I would be insanely jealous. As it stands I find myself simply reminded of the compromises most of us have to live with. Stuff in corners; boxes on boxes rather than shelves; speakers that overwhelm a room; furniture between the speakers; a mess of cables and so on.


Yes, they are very enjoyable Claude :slight_smile:

Thank you for the kind comments.


Hi Peder

Thank you, its taken many years of getting the whole system and room right, a lot of time and effort has gone into it.

It also frustrates me when you see good systems that haven’t been set up correctly, more so elsewhere rather than here on the Naim forum, but then I also appreciate many compromises need to be made and not everyone has the same passion about their system that we do.

I am sure there have been many threads about setting systems up an equipment placement on here and the old forum,

Kind regards



My little secondary system in my workroom :

  • CD2
  • Nakamichi CR-1
  • Pioneer N-30
  • NAIT2
  • Linn K20
  • NSats

MArco :tophat:


Hi David. Its not a floating wall but actually a chimney breast wall in a spare room. The fireplace has been sealed and the wall plastered. All cabling is hidden inside the wall as well, with access points behind the TV and cabinet to allow for connections of aerial, ethernet etc.


Which are the mini stand under the N-Sats?


You lucky boy. How do you rate the CD2 versus the CDS2 you have?


As Blackadder said, “Needs must when the devil vomits on your eiderdown”.


@Matteo : The n-Sats sit on the base plate of the n-Stands. Underneath I use these, called TipTop


MArco :tophat:


@Ardbeg10y : It’s hard to tell !
Systems are so different and the room is different as well, and in my workroom I can’t listen very loud (walls seem to be made of cardboard…).
But both sound lovely to my ears.
MArco :tophat:


I imagine it’s more to do with small rooms, and limited options for placement, rather than a lack of knowledge. I wonder if the obsession with absurdly priced speaker cable doesn’t also contribute.


I also suspect it is largely to do with limited options for placement.

However, I have had systems where the hi-fi has been between the speakers and where the hi-fi has been located outside the speakers, and to my ears the difference in sound quality has been negligible if it was there at all, and certainly much less obvious than that of a simple change of speaker cable. Some of the very best systems to which I have listened have had the entire hi-fi set-up located between the speakers.

I wonder what sort of percentage of people really notice a difference?


Thanks for your reply Paul. Great idea!


I also wonder how much the perception that between the speakers = bad is exacerbated in a Naim context by old advice which was particularly relevant with SBLs and other boundary speakers, but is perhaps less relevant with speakers which stand forward of the system.


I tried to get my electronics out from between my speakers, but space constraints were prohibitive; my speakers are 90% of their depth past the front of the rack, about 27" from the wall.