System Pics 2019


A rare arm in these parts, a Roksan Artemis :sunglasses:


this is where I am right now with DV carts. I dare not aspire to the levels of XV1-t which I gather is a phenomenal cartridge.



Not a great picture but hopefully you get the idea. ND5 xs2; Nait xs, FC xs and ART Emotion Monitor speakers.


Not a Pioneer Kuro surely?


You’ll have to ask Matteo, @ravenswood. I only “enhanced” his original photo for him. That’s not my system!

This one is:



72/Hicap/160. Plus some other stuff! :smiley:

Projector screen drops down to just above top of speakers.


Have you listened to the ND5 XS2 ??
Just im going to see one alongside the NDX with Supernait 2
What are your thoughts ??


Yes it is

A 2008 42’ hd ready Kuro

A wedding present




Left stack … NDX, Schiit Yggdrasil DAC, SuperCap (NonDR), Schiit Lyr 2 Headphone amp, Sennheiser HD650’s

Right Stack … NAC 252, NAP 250DR

Speaker(s) … Totem Acoustic Hawks …

I’ve just realized that it’s a bit incongruous to see the Lee Child book next to the Rupert Bear Annuals.


My new NDX2 \ Supernait 2 combo was due to be picked up today at the new hi-fi corner shop in Edinburgh, but unfortunately the NDX 2 was flashing error codes out of the box, so in the meantime they have loaned me a new ND5 XS2 whilst they get another one from Naim.

I have to say the combination sounds fantastic. A BIG step up from the previous Nova driving my setup. More depth, crisper timing, greater dynamics, more punch to the bass, less harsh highs. How much of that is the SN2 and how much is the ND5 XS2 , I don’t know, but it’s a pretty great combo.

I use Harbeth SHL5 plus 40th anniversary speakers on something solid stands with 2 x 5M terminated lengths of Black Rhodium Foxtrot cables. Using standard powerline lite power cables and the standard Naim DIN interconnect. Can’t wait to try my NDX 2 with it.


I have Hawks in my second system with a Uniti2. Nice to know that they have more in them if you are using a 252/250 set up.


:small_blue_diamond: ROB-Z,…Up with your TV on the wall,…the turntable also on a wall-shelf.
Your streamer and amplifier on a two-shelf Mana,buy it second hand.

Throw out the furniture you have between the speakers,…maybe move the speakers together a little,and make a new “tuning” on the speakers.

But before that,…mount spikes under your speakers,and put Naim Fraim Chips under your spikes.
Then report what you got for results…:smiley:.

/Peder :slightly_smiling_face:


Looking forward to it…thanks


Loved mine. The plasma to end all plasmas before they stopped making them and handed over to Panasonic!


In 2008, it was the entry level model and cost 2,200 € !


Matteo, still got my 50 inch Kuro, and it’s still going strong. I have yet to tempted by the new 4 k screens.


Here is a current picture sans NDX 2 and a new more appropriate rack (which will hopefully come on Saturday).


Love the table also…speakers look similar to my old leak set. Hopefully get my ND5 next week