System Pics 2019


What you get may be sonically better, but I love that piece of furniture you are using now. Very cool!


I have a DV Te Kaitora Rua on my aro too. Perfect match, light detailed and spacious while maintaining the traditional old fruitbox boogie. Never really felt the need to look further up the chain ( or am I just a scaredy-cat ) Still driving my speakers with a lovely 300 ( now DR-ed) which if memory serves used to be in your employ!


I have had them a long time and they’ve responded well to every upgrade from the early days of the 202/200 … part of me wishes that they would top out so that I could go looking for replacements. But no such luck so far …


Same here. My 50" 508XD is still going strong. Had it ISF calibrated years ago and the picture isn’t upto 4K standards obviously, but is still very good.


when I got this TKR I was shocked how good carts can be. if I could afford it, I would definitely look higher up the DV chain but the bank account soon puts paid to that…

yes, you are correct about NAP300 – I’m pleased it found a good home and it must be sounding great after the DR upgrade!!



Well, we have something in common: I think so too, only they need not be red perforce…





Very nice Matteo, mine has the same color and cartridge but I have the Ittok LViii. I will have it deeply serviced in the coming weeks.


Another crap iPhone pic. No major change. Added ir extended to hide cable box behind door and isolation pads under the Mites to get them directly off the cabinet.


Which ir extender did you get? My kit is in a cupboard but I have to open the doors to use the remote


Got it from Amazon for $10. Cable Matter’s Infrared Remote Extender. USB powered. Works great so far. There are more expensive ones but I went as cheap as I could since I only have the one box to worry about.


Talk of Pono on another thread reminded me of a little system that punches way beyond its weight both physically as well as in monetary terms - the Ponoplayer with Sennheiser HD600s in balanced mode. I’ve been through many DAPs in recent years but keep coming back to this one. There’s just something about the way it sounds…

*As an aside, I’d love for Naim to get involved in a DAP…


I think quite a few of us would love that too


This is my DAP which I use extensively at work, comprising FiiO X5ii and E12 A h/p amp with Denon AH-MM400’s. The player was a little glassy to start with but everything has settled in nicely now and the cans are great, better than I thought they might be; plenty of base weight and clarity although not the spacial sound of Sennheisers. Keeps me happy though


Here is my setup:

NAC-N 272
NAP 250 DR
Kudos Super 10
Michell Tecnodec / Tecnoarm / Denon DL103R
Rega Aria
Roon with Qobuz


Those Kudos and stands look really cool…


Nice system, I like the look of your Michell deck.


Astell & Kern AK 100.

Hi Richard,

I’m a subscriber to the theory of synchronicity, so with the recent mentions of the Pono player, it didn’t come as a complete surprise that whilst clearing out a cupboard full of crap this morning, what should turn up but this!

Completely forgotten about it, but I do remember it sounding a step up from my iPod, especially the music in MQS format.

Anyway, it’s dusted down and charging at the mo’, so we’ll see later if it’s as good as I remember. :slightly_smiling_face:


And here is a variant that I should use more often when out and about as it is brilliant. AK 120 Titan with bespoke bolt on Glove Audio A1 DAC/Amp. Remember that at the time we all thought it silly as it made the AK a very expensive storage and transport device, but on listening it was well worth it; one afternoon a good friend who also had an AK 120 did a couple of hours of AB comparisons of the AK + Glove to his AK + Chord Hugo and there was nothing to split the two.


lovely set up.
Are those wooden bases under the TT & Naims specially made?